Sarah’s elimination by Amel Bent scandalizes internet users

Sarah's elimination by Amel Bent scandalizes internet users

This March 28, the four coaches of The Voice had the heavy task of making choices in their teams, eliminating some members after the battle. From the first performance provided by Fayz and Sarah, Amel Bent heavily disappointed Internet users.

The Voice can create consensus like controversy. The talents whether they are selected or eliminated, but also the different arguments of the coaches in their decision-making are the subject, episode after episode, of lively debates. This is what marked the new season a few weeks ago. Determined to defend Toni and his vocal style, Amel Bent had faced the advice of Pascal Obispo. The singer did not appreciate the performance of the young woman. And Amel Bent had not supported his arguments. “He has his convictions, I have mine. From time to time, it coexists … or not. (…) It was sure that we were going to fight on a black American girl who was going to sing something a little soulful. He said to me ‘but no, not at all’. And there Toni arrives with this song by Lauren Hill … And Pascal begins and asks him to ‘be disillusioned’. I said to myself, I’m not going to miss it“, she explained to us during an interview. A slight dispute that had not started the agreement between the two singers:”With Pascal, we respect each other a lot. He is an artist that I admire. (…) We are not from the same school“, she had concluded, far from being spiteful.

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The Voice: Amel Bent’s elimination of Sarah scandalizes internet users

A strongly criticized choice

This March 28, it is a new debate which caused Amel Bent. This time, not on the show, but on social networks. The singer and coach decided for this episode of battle to oppose Fayz and Sarah. They interpreted Desert rose, by Cheb Mami and Sting. The two candidates shone in two very different ways. Amel Bent chose to keep Fayz in her team for her capacity, according to her, to surprise her in an infinite way. The singer felt that the candidate could still show him other facets of his talent. A choice that has been strongly criticized on social networks. “If she keeps Fayz I cut my ears and I pop my eyes forever “,” I am shocked by her choice “,” Amel’s choices disturb me “,” The first duel was good but it was not wow. I preferred sarah “,” Amel Bent has just eliminated the winner of The Voice, it’s sad“, could be read on Twitter in particular.