season 15 soon postponed?

season 15 soon postponed?

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Love is in the pre 2020: season 15 postponed soon?

Many programs are postponed or even canceled due to the epidemic that currently affects France. What about season 15 of Love is in the meadow, whose filming should continue in the spring?

For several days, there are countless channels that announce that their programs are suspended, postponed or even outright canceled because of the pandemic which affects France in particular. So what about Love is in the meadow season 15? In early March, M6 viewers got to know the thirteen farmers of this 2020 edition. Laurent, Cathy, Mathieu or Florian walked past the camera and Karine Le Marchand to try to find love. But will the epidemic force M6 to postpone filming and broadcasting of the rest of the program?

Shooting scheduled for early May

As the most loyal viewers of the dating program know, the show is shot in several stages. The first, that of portraits, is shot upstream, from September to January. Then comes the stage of opening letters and speed-dating. Now, these moments of the show are canned around the month of April-May. Then come the first stays at the farm, then the romantic weekends, filmed during the summer. The show, meanwhile, is broadcast during the month of September. But with the suspension of all filming due to the epidemic, the schedule could slightly change. According to information from Tele-Loisirs, the shootings of the opening of the mail and the speed dating of season 15 of Love is in the meadow must take place in early May, the time to receive all the letters. If the containment ends the last week of April, as recommended by some authorities, there will therefore be no impact on the registration of the program. The same goes for filming on the farm, which will only take place from June.

However, the situation is changing day by day and could therefore change. The shootings of the program could thus be very condensed in order to be boxed in time and not to hinder either the work of the farmers, whose activity is severely tested during this period of confinement. Anyway, to date, season 15 is maintained, provided that filming can resume in a month. For her part, Karine Le Marchand did not wait to help single people. From her place of confinement in the south of France, the host gives voice to her Instagram account to people eager to find love. There are solutions to any situation!