Separation after 28 years of marriage

Separation after 28 years of marriage

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“That’s life” – the title of his last album is now also for Semino Rossi (57) became bitter truth. The pop singer surprisingly separated from his wife Gabi (57). As to the reason for the marriage-out after 28 years, Rossi commented to the “Bild” newspaper: “We have the feeling that we are in this phase of life after the two daughters have grown up and we are happy about our first grandson Leonhardwant to take some space. ”

Barbara Becker also recently separated from Juan Lopez Salaberry after four years. There was no trace of lovesickness with her, as you can see in the video below:

Semino Rossi now lives in his motorhome

The 57-year-old calls it a “marriage break” – divorce is currently out of the question. “We made the decision together. We want to rediscover our lives independently,” he emphasizes. On possible love comeback sounds different! But the hit star also made it clear in the “Bild” interview how much he still cares about his Gabi: “We really appreciate each other.”

Semino also spoke very openly about his current living situation and said that he now lives in the motorhome with which he went to some of his tour appearances last year. Gabi, on the other hand, still lives in the family house near Innsbruck. “Nothing has changed for them,” said the singer. “Whenever I’m drawn, I see my family and our little Leonhard.”

Semino Rossi’s marriage was like a fairy tale

Her love story sounds like one of Rossi’s countless hit hits. When the Argentinean moved to Austria in 1985 as a street musician, he met his Gabi shortly afterwards and fell head over heels in love with her. The romantic wedding followed in 1991, 16 years later the couple even said yes again in Argentina.

The singer, who became a grandfather for the first time in April 2019, Still raves about his marriage despite the separation: “My wife never restricted me. She always took me the way I am. She is the more consistent of the two of us.”

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