she has leukemia and the border closure left her without a transplant

she has leukemia and the border closure left her without a transplant

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Mariana Plater He is 54 years old and since September 2019 he was diagnosed with leukemia that cannot be cured by just chemotherapy. Needs a bone marrow transplant. He had succeeded in February. The donor was a German, who by the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe and the closing of the borders, it will not be able to help the Argentine woman. Plater found out less than ten days ago and although the Argentine government knows the case and is negotiating with Germany, there is still no response.

Plater is a pediatrician and it is in quarantine long before the chaos caused by the pandemic, because the provisional chemotherapy that slows the disease left her defenseless. “I am isolated and without contact with anyone since long before, and when I see people who do not comply with the quarantine, I cannot believe it,” she told PROFILE, adding that you need to find a bone marrow donor that is between 90% and 100% compatible with her, and that her relatives are not.

“I try to make it cool, I hope to heal myself, but now that the borders are closed I have to start everything from scratch again.” The Single National Central Institute Coordinator of Ablation and Implant (INCUCAI)Meanwhile, he continues searching the country and the world for someone who is willing, in this context of health emergency, to donate his marrow.

“This has to reach Germany, the Germans, the European governments that must think about other people’s health as well,” said Plater. And he said that the Covid-19 It also forced to change the transplant protocols, since it is necessary to check that the blood does not have the virus, so as not to infect a person without defenses.

Like that of the pediatrician, there is also another case: that of Carolina Embon, who lost a transplant from Israel for the same reason. From the Argentine government they told Plater that the Ministry of Health itself is aware but that the problem comes from Germany: “It may be that the German health system does not want to do this now, that the country does not want to open its border or that the The donor himself does not want to expose himself to going to a hospital in this context, “explained Plater.

This is the other side of those affected by the virus and quarantine. According to the managers of the city’s hospital blood banks, blood donation fell 80% in the last two weeks when recommendations began for the population to stay at home after the spread of the coronavirus. “If the situation is not reversed, people will die from lack of blood,” warned from the health units for people with cancer diseases, complex surgeries that are scheduled or injured in traffic accidents, among others.

How can you help? “They have to accessthe INCUCAI website and see in the donations section. They only take blood from you, that blood is analyzed and remains in a bank. If they choose you as a donor, INCUCAI will communicate again to see if you are willing to be a donor, and they will draw blood again. It is giving a day of your life where they will draw blood. It is a day of your life that they take blood from you, and with that you save lives. It is not for someone particular, it is for anyone anywhere in the world. They will call you in the closest place where you are who do this type of extraction, “explained Plater.

To contact her, her phone number is +54 9 11 3669 8782your email [email protected], your Facebook Mariana Plater and her instagram @marianaplater .

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