sick, the star has passed the coronavirus screening tests

sick, the star has passed the coronavirus screening tests

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In case you don’t know it yet, Celine Dion is in New York. For ten days, the Quebec diva has been chaining the dates of its “Courage World Tour” tour in the Big Apple and fans have been there. But above all, it is at each of his hotel exits that the interpreter of “Pour que tu maime amour encore” makes the buzz. Indeed, Celine Dion opts for all the more crazy looks each other, carried by her bold new styling, as she showed in Paris.

But that night, Celine Dion’s team announced bad news to fans on their Facebook page. The singer had to shift two concert dates in Washington DC and Pittsburgh. The concerts which were to take place this evening and Friday evening are postponed to November. In fact, in New York, Celine Dion fell ill. “Monday evening, a day after finishing six concerts in New York; Celine started to feel the symptoms of a simple cold. The symptoms persisted on Tuesday and the doctors asked him to rest. While the world is currently living at the rate of the extent of the Coronavirus epidemic, his team specifies that Celine Dion has been screened. “After testing it, the doctors concluded that the virus was not related to Covid-19. “I’m really sorry to disappoint my fans in Washington DC and Pittsburg … I hope you understand,” said Celine Dion.

As part of his tour, the singer is expected for a series of concerts in France, at the Paris La Defense Arena, late June and early July.


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