Spain adds 4,946 infections and 324 deaths from Covid-19 in just 24 hours

Spain registers 4,946 infections and 324 deaths from Covid-19 in just 24 hours

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The Ministry of Health has confirmed a total of 24,926 cases and 1,326 deaths this Saturday. The World Health Organization (WHO) registered a total of 234,073 positives in the world, which implies about 25,000 more than on the previous day.

13:52. Castilla-La Mancha, concerned about the influx of residents of Madrid

The Minister of Health of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, Jesus Fernandez Sanz, has expressed his concern at the increase in the influx of residents of the Community of Madrid to towns bordering the neighboring region in recent days, although he wanted to make it clear that they will have guaranteed health care if necessary. Thus, he insisted that healthcare is guaranteed to anyone. “We will give an answer for the relationship we have with Madrid, and with the solidarity that we have from this region for all the people who visit us,” he said.

13:48. Latam begins flights to manage the return of about 600 tourists from Galapagos

The Latam airline begins flights this Saturday for the return of about 600 tourists who are in the Galapagos Islands, located about a thousand kilometers from the Ecuadorian continental coasts, and who were stranded by the cancellation of domestic flights due to the health emergency . Humanitarian flights from the Galapagos Islands seek “to return the nearly 600 passengers to Quito and Guayaquil, so that they can return to their homes,” he says.

13:44. Atlantia postpones its presentation of results

The Italian highway concessionaire Atlantia, a partner of ACS in Spain’s Abertis, has postponed its presentation of results for the 2019 financial year Scheduled for next Monday to April 28, as Italy tries to control the spread of the coronavirus, which has caused 4,000 deaths. The company has explained that the decision comes after its subsidiary in the country, Autostrade per l’Italia, responsible for the management of the Genoa bridge that collapsed in August 2018, also delayed the approval of its 2019 accounts, and has not given more details.

13:40. The Bishop of Avila, admitted due to coronavirus

The Bishop of Avila, Jose Maria Gil Tamayo, has been admitted to the Nuestra Senora de Sonsoles Hospital, in Avila, since Friday after having tested positive for Covid-19. The bishop, a current member of the executive commission of the Episcopal Conference and who was previously secretary general and spokesman for the Episcopal Conference, “is waiting to see if he can continue treatment at home.”

13:37. Porcelanosa announces the closure of production on the 27th

The ceramic company Porcelanosa has announced the closure of all its stores in Spain and Portugal “until further notice” on the occasion of the state of sanitary emergency due to the coronavirus, as well as the closure of its production from March 27. As confirmed by company sources this Saturday, next Friday production is scheduled to be interrupted at the factory located in Vila-real (Castellon) and employees will carry out telework, although they have not specified how long this measure will continue.

13:31. El Corte Ingles will open the supermarket areas in Madrid on Sunday

The El Corte Ingles Group will open its food and staple products establishments in Madrid on Sunday to speed up purchases and avoid waiting for citizens, as reported by the chain. With the opening of supermarkets, hypermarkets and food areas, the company aims to streamline customer purchases and avoid or minimize waiting times, so that people can stay out of their homes for as little time as possible. The objective of opening these establishments on Sunday is to respond to the social demand for this type of products. This measure is part of the company’s commitment to provide service to citizens “at a time of special difficulty.”

13:26. The Army disinfects the airport and the port of Barcelona

The Military Emergency Unit (UME) has disinfected various areas of the airport and the port of Barcelona this morning, as part of the operations it is carrying out due to the pandemic, Defense sources have reported. The military have focused their work on the security and access control arches of Terminal 2 of the Barcelona Josep Tarradellas airport, as well as on other signaling facilities at the aerodrome, where the units have come accompanied by the Civil Guard to be able to cross the take-off and landing runways. The UME troops have also disinfected this morning various logistics facilities at the port of Barcelona.


13:21. Indra will create a negotiating commission for a temporary procedure for suspension of contracts

Indra poses create a negotiating commission to carry out a temporary contract suspension procedure and reduction of working hours. This is reflected in a statement made by the company’s president, Fernando Abril-Martorell, addressed to the company’s workers, in which he begins by highlighting “the current extraordinary moment” due to the pandemic and the state of alarm.

13:16. 300,000 fewer daily trips recorded in the FGC

The Railways of the Generalitat of Catalonia (FGC) have registered some 300,000 daily displacements less than ordinary, which represents a decrease of approximately 90%, since the measures to slow down the advance of the coronavirus are applied. A statement from the Govern details that “demand has clearly gone down” and already on Monday and Tuesday of this week the decrease had been 86% and 89%, respectively, exceeding 90% as of Wednesday.

13:11. Data by Autonomous Community

The Community of Madrid, which is still the autonomous community that has registered the most cases so far, has reached 8,921 positives, representing an increase of 1,756 cases compared to the data published by Health this Friday, when 7,165 cases were registered in the town. In addition, in the Community of Madrid there are a total of 804 deaths due to the coronavirus and 767 people have been admitted to the ICU. Catalonia is the second autonomous community that has remitted the most cases, since it has registered 4,203 positives and 122 deaths until this Saturday morning, with 150 people discharged and 298 admitted to the ICU.

Likewise, the Basque Country has registered 1,725 ​​cases and 85 deaths; Andalusia, 1,515 cases and 40 deaths; Castilla y Leon, 1,466 cases and 55 deaths; Castilla La Mancha, 1,423 cases and 84 deaths; Valencian Community, 1,363 cases and 50 deaths; Galicia, 739 cases and 9 deceased; Navarra, 664 cases and 9 deceased; La Rioja, 564 cases and 15 deaths; Asturias, 486 cases and 5 deceased; Aragon, 424 cases and 22 deceased; Extremadura, 354 cases and 12 deaths; Canary Islands, 348 cases and 7 deaths; Balearic Islands, 246 cases and 4 deaths; Murcia, 240 cases and 1 deceased; Cantabria, 215 cases and 2 deceased; Melilla, 25 cases and no deceased; and Ceuta, 5 cases and no deceased.

13:05. The self-employed who cease activity will not be obliged to process the withdrawal

Self-employed workers who cease their activity due to the Covid-19 coronavirus will not be obliged to process the withdrawal while they receive the benefit. This is stated by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Social Security in a criterion issued on the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity of the self-employed in the face of the situation caused by the coronavirus. The criterion indicates that the self-employed who see their income reduced by at least 75% with respect to the turnover of the previous semester and who avail themselves of the extraordinary benefit must remain registered in the corresponding Social Security system.

12:59. The judge keeps Villarejo in prison for considering that the danger to his health is not proven

The judge of the National Court Manuel Garcia Castellon has agreed this Saturday to keep in custody the retired commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo, considering that the risks to his health that he alleged as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic are not proven. As reported by legal sources, the head of the Central Investigating Court number 6 also determines that the risk of escape prevails despite the Covid-19 epidemic, as well as the risks of destruction of evidence and criminal repetition, the same reasons that They have been in jail since November 2017.

12:52. The Scientific Committee of Moncloa against Covid-19 constituted

The President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has formally constituted this morning the Scientific Committee of Covid-19, which will initially be made up of six scientists but could be expanded. This initial group of six scientists, who have already had preliminary contacts, may be expanded with the incorporation of national and international experts in different fields of medicine and science in the fight against the coronavirus.


12:47. Barca makes its facilities available to the Generalitat

FC Barcelona has made its facilities available to the Generalitat, in the face of a hypothetical collapse of healthcare or any other extreme circumstance for which it was necessary to enable different spaces to cope with social demand due to the coronavirus. The club decided a few days ago to paralyze the demolition works of the Miniestadi and redevelopment of the streets around the Camp Nou, some works that are part of the Espai Barca project.

12:40. Madrid reaches 804 patient deaths, 176 more than yesterday

The Community of Madrid registers a total of 804 deaths from coronavirus patients, which represents an increase of 176 compared to yesterday in the region and concentrates more than 60 percent of the country’s total deaths. In addition, the region is close to 9,000 positive for coronavirus (8,921), representing 1,756 more cases compared to Friday, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

12:31. Georgia decrees state of emergency

Georgia declared a state of emergency on Saturday in order to contain the advance of the pandemic, Prime Minister Georgui Gajaria reported. “The state of emergency is decreed for a month, until April 21, 2020. At the moment, no curfew or total quarantine will be imposed,” said the head of government. In addition, all types of activity in which more than 10 people participate are prohibited.

12:20. Spain registers 1,326 deaths and 24,926 infected with coronavirus

The Ministry of Health has confirmed this Saturday a total of 24,926 coronavirus cases, 4,946 new, and 1,326 deaths, 324 more.

12:11. CCOO requires the urgent intervention of the State in the private residences of the Community of Madrid

For the union, nursing homes in the Community of Madrid must become a “health priority”, in order to urgently contain the expansion of the Covid-19 in a particularly vulnerable group, such as that of the elderly and dependents. Hundreds of infected older people, deceased residents, daily increase in infected or isolated workers, complete staff exposed to extreme situations of insecurity, lacking basic protection measures, “are sufficient reasons to intervene immediately and without further excuses, before one of the main and dramatic sources of contagion in the region most affected by the spread of the virus. “

12:07. The Liceu cancels all artistic activity until May 3

In a statement, the Liceu explained that it has canceled the second period of performances of Mozart’s ‘La clemenza di Tito, the show ‘Giselle’ by the English National Ballet, the concert version opera ‘Semiramide’ by Rossini, the concert by Camera ‘The Twilight Schubert’ and the process of creation and functions of ‘La barcarola by El Petit Liceu. The Liceu, which already announced cancellations on March 11, has said that these are forced cancellations “due, specifically, to the impossibility of starting trial or assembly periods” and restrictions on mobility.

12:04. Three million SMEs suffocated in Russia

The pandemic and the fall of the ruble associated with the collapse of oil prices worldwide have put 3 million Russian SMEs on the brink of bankruptcy, which could lead to a considerable increase in unemployment, the Chamber of Commerce declared today. Russian industry. “Due to the current situation, around three million SMEs are potentially threatened with bankruptcy, more than 8.6 million people are at risk of losing their jobs,” the entity’s press department was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying. A survey carried out on March 16 and 17 by the regional headquarters of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry revealed that a third of Russian SMEs say they can sustain just one more quarter in conditions of zero demand, and half of these understand that if you close the business, you will not be able to reopen it.

11:59. London evaluates the possibility of buying airlines

The British Government is evaluating the possibility of acquire a stake in airlines and other companies hit by the pandemic, according to reveals this Saturday the economic newspaper Financial Times. The idea is to inject billions of pounds into companies like British Airways (BA), part of the IAG airline group, in exchange for shares that would later be sold to private investors, the newspaper learned from sources familiar with the plan.

11:55. Fedishorecas distribution sector warns that more than 90% of its activity is affected

The Spanish Federation of Hospitality Distribution and Catering Companies (Fedishoreca) warned this Saturday that “more than 90%” of the activity of the sector it represents “is paralyzed” due to the effect of the closure of hospitality establishments due to Covid -19. “The effect is direct and linked to the own activity of its clients: hotels, bars and restaurants who have closed their activity with the exception of a small percentage: gas stations, hospital centers and small food stores,” explained its CEO, Jose Manuel. Fernandez Echevarria. According to your data, the scheduled services do not reach 10% of the activity. Fedishoreca brings together more than 600 companies from 19 territorial business associations and represents the Horeca Distribution companies sector. It is therefore the industry that, as its main activity, markets and distributes beverages and food products to the more than 300,000 establishments in Spain. It employs more than 70,000 workers, collects a total of 17,000 million euros and mobilizes a fleet of 25,000 delivery trucks.


11:53. Sanitation allows feline colonies to feed

In the text published by the Ministry this Saturday, reference is made to the fact that, in the context of the state of alarm, and taking into account its objectives, which include containing the progression of the disease, Article 7 of Royal Decree 463 / 2020, foresees to limit the free movement of people, allowing it only to carry out a series of activities that in any case must be carried out individually, unless accompanying people with disabilities, minors, the elderly, or for other justified cause. Among the activities allowed in the aforementioned article, the movement of people whose purpose is to feed, rescue and veterinary care of domestic animals that inhabit urban public spaces is not expressly found, when this activity is not carried out within the framework of a labor, professional or business benefit. However, to prevent a negative impact on public health, when this activity was being carried out on a voluntary basis by those entities duly accredited for this purpose by the Local Administrations, they may continue to develop this activity on the understanding that in this case the voluntary nature of the provision is analogous to the labor, professional or business nature. These movements must be carried out individually, and bearing the corresponding supporting documentation.

11:50. Santander offers to marry ‘twice’ to those who do so to save the deadlines

The Santander City Council has offered the possibility of “getting married” twice to couples who were planning to get married on these dates and cannot postpone the link because the documents required by the Civil Registry expire. As explained by the Councilor for Protocol, Miriam Diaz, the official ceremony will be held with the limitations required in the state of alarm and, later, on the new date chosen by the couple, another act of liaison, with the same characteristics, although already with couples surrounded by family and friends. The state of alarm allows civil and religious ceremonies but they are conditioned on the adoption of organizational measures to avoid crowds, depending on the dimensions and characteristics of the places, in such a way that attendees are guaranteed the possibility of respecting the distance of at least one meter between them, recalls the City Council in a statement.

11:46. The Civil Guard intensifies its efforts to control rural population centers

The Civil Guard is intensifying its effort in aid and assistance in rural population centers where access to basic services is more difficult for the population that lives in them. In this way the Civil Guard complements the task of control entrusted in the state of alarm with the help and assistance of citizens in the most basic needs, such as the access of its citizens to food stores or pharmacies. The Civil Guard is responsible for citizen security in 83% of Spain’s municipalities (6,761), where there are widely dispersed populations and many of them in isolated areas.

11:41. The residences must separate the elderly into four groups

Nursing homes and social-health centers they must separate their residents into four groups: without symptoms and without close contact with a possible or confirmed case of coronavirus; symptom-free residents in preventive isolation; residents with symptoms; and confirmed cases.

11:35. Austrian public television isolates 15 employees to guarantee their services

As reported on Saturday by the APA news agency, some key technical sectors of ORF (Austrian public radio television), such as signal distribution, general program management or central control, have been “isolated” from the rest of the installations. In this way, ORF intends to guarantee the distribution via satellite, cable and Internet of its contents, which have seen record numbers of audiences since the outbreak of the crisis.

11:31. Germany evaluates a debt of 150,000 million euros

The German Government considers approving a new 150,000 million euro debts, in addition to suspending the debt brake, to alleviate the economic effects of the coronavirus, reports public radio Deutschlandfunk. According to this means, the Executive of the chancellor, Angela Merkel, prepares an additional budget for 2020, with a volume not yet specified.

11:27. Interior extends the validity of driving licenses that expire in the state of alarm

The Interior Ministry has decided to extend the driving licenses and other administrative authorizations to drive that expire during the state of alarm until 60 days after the end of this period. This measure is included in the publication of the Official State Gazette (BOE) this Saturday. “Driving permits and licenses, as well as other administrative authorizations to drive, whose period of validity expires during the state of alarm and its successive extensions, will be automatically extended while it lasts and until sixty days after its completion,” dictates the published text. This extension is in addition to the one that the Ministry of the Interior also agreed for the National Identity Document (DNI).

11:21. UPTA asks the Treasury to extend the deadline for filing IRPF and VAT declarations and self-assessments by three months

In a statement, the organization recalled that since April 20, the self-employed are obliged to present the self-assessment of the VAT collected in the first quarter of this year and that if they do so after the deadline, they must pay a surcharge of at least 5 % if they are done voluntarily, or with a sanction, between 50% and 150% of the amount of the declaration to be paid, if it is requested by the Tax Agency. However, UPTA highlights that the state of alarm “makes it difficult to file these tax returns, not only due to the limitations of mobility and the provision of services and opening to the public of financial entities, but also due to the difficulties faced by those self-employed, people physical, which are not yet able to do it electronically. ” Therefore, the organization asks the Treasury to extend a new period of three months for the presentation of these statements, making them coincide with the time limit of those of the second quarter, on July 20 of this year. It also requests that no surcharge be applied and that the Tax Agency does not make the claim, in order to avoid the corresponding penalties.

11:15. OECD warns: coronavirus exceeds worst economic forecast

The OECD warns that the impact of the coronavirus in the world is surpassing its worst economic forecasts and stresses that a coordinated effort by governments and central banks to overcome the crisis is urgent. Earlier this month, in launching its interim forecasts, it had advanced that, according to its most adverse hypothesis, the coronavirus could halve the growth of the world economy in 2020 and place it at 1.5%, causing the recession. in economies like the European or the Japanese.

11:10. More than 1,556 deaths in Iran

The number of deaths from the coronavirus increased this Saturday to 1,556 in Iran, whose authorities denounced the adverse effect that US sanctions have in the fight against the pandemic. According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Health, the contagion of 966 other people has been confirmed since yesterday, 123 of which have perished, some numbers lower than the previous day. With these data, the total number of infected in the country rises to 20,610, of which 1,556 have died and 7,635 have already recovered. Despite the gravity of the situation, the US He will continue his “maximum pressure policy” against Tehran, said Brian Hook, Iran’s head of the State Department, who recently stated that the sanctions do not prevent the arrival of aid. Although medicines and food are exempt from sanctions, the reality is that since financial transactions with Iran are penalized, any importation is complicated, which is why many organizations and countries have donated medical supplies to Tehran.

11:05. Defense today deploys troops in Avila, Burgos, Leon, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria and Zamora

The Ministry of Defense will deploy sections today in the provinces of Avila, Burgos, Leon, Soria, Salamanca and Zamora to help in the crisis caused by the coronavirus. Specifically, a section of the Military Emergency Unit works in the capital Valladolid and Laguna de Duero. In addition, the Valladolid section will go to Segovia at the end of its activities. Finally, today there will be no operations in Soria, where they will attend on Sunday with all the troops displaced today in Valladolid and Segovia. In addition, the Army will be deployed, in surveillance missions fulfilling the State of Alarm, in Zamora, Avila and Salamanca, where the Special Engineer Regiment 11 will operate. In Leon, Astorga and Ponferrada will be a section of the Artillery command of Bell; while another from the Engineers 1 regiment will recognize routes and infrastructure between Olvega and Burgo de Osma (Soria). Finally, there will be another section of the Engineers Regiment in Burgos.

11:00. The works to set up the provisional hospital in Ifema are carried out “fast”

The work of the Community of Madrid, with the collaboration of the Military Emergency Unit (UME), to install the ‘provisional hospital’ of Ifema, which will house at least 5,500 hospital beds and ICUs, are going “very fast”, expose from the regional government. Yesterday, the regional government distributed images showing workers, protected with masks, in Hall 9, beginning the assembly work.

Community of Madrid EFE

10:56. The UME is deployed in four other locations in Ciudad Real and in four more in Guadalajara

The Ministry of Defense of the Government of Spain has deployed this Saturday, March 21, members of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) in various municipalities in the province of Ciudad Real and Guadalajara, in order to support the Corps and Forces Security in the task of guaranteeing security and in cleaning and disinfection tasks. Specifically, during the day the UME will have a presence in the towns of Malagon, Villarrubia de los Ojos, La Solana and Manzanares, in the province of Ciudad Real, and in Yunquera de Henares, Humanes, Brihuega and Jadraque, in the province of Guadalajara . The deployed Section is made up of 29 soldiers and 12 vehicles assigned to the first Battalion based in Torrejon de Ardoz (Madrid) and comes to join the UME military deployed since Monday in various locations in Castilla-La Mancha, as well as they have done since last Sunday in as many municipalities in the country, as reported by the Government Delegation in the region in a press release.

10:49. The Municipal Police fined 718 people in Madrid this Friday

The Municipal Police of Madrid fined a total of 718 people this Friday for not complying with the traffic restrictions of the state of alarm, representing a total of 3,225 sanctions since last Sunday. In addition to the sanctions, there were eight arrests (two in Centro, two in Puente de Vallecas, one in Villa de Vallecas and three in Carabanchel). For its part, as a result of increased police controls on the streets and exits of the capital, the Municipal Police intercepted 29 vehicles for driving on public roads without justification. Thus, this Friday the number of fines fell in relation to Wednesday (811) and Thursday (903), when they had become the days with the most penalties. On Sunday there were 199, on Monday 252 and on Tuesday 342.


10:45. Agriculture extends the deadline to submit the application for aid of the PAC 2020

The Official State Gazette (BOE) publishes that Saturday an order of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food which expands throughout Spain, until May 15, the deadline for submission of the single request for direct payments to agriculture and livestock for the year 2020, started on February 1 and whose completion was scheduled for April 30. As explained by the ministerial department led by Luis Planas, this extension is due to the fact that the declaration of the state of alarm for the pandemic hinders the process of submitting the request.

10:42. Espanyol player Wu Lei tests positive

Espanyol midfielder Wu Lei has tested positive for coronavirus, as reported by the Chinese Football Association (CFA) in a statement, which clarifies that the footballer’s symptoms “are mild” and that he is “under treatment.”

10:34. Duque orders a twenty-day quarantine in Colombia

Colombia will enter a 20-day quarantine next Tuesday, in an additional effort to control the expansion of the coronavirus, of which there are already 158 infected in the country, announced President Ivan Duque. “We will apply mandatory preventive isolation for all Colombians from next Tuesday, March 24 at 11:59 p.m. until Monday, April 13 at zero hours,” Duque said in a speech to the country in which he defended the “drastic decision-making” but urgent. “

10:27. The first buses on loan to the UME in Madrid begin to operate to transport patients

The Madrid Regional Transport Consortium has made the first buses for the transfer of patients between hospitals available to the Military Emergency Unit (UME) and this Saturday the first four vehicles begin to operate.

10:21. CGT applauds the suspension of the ERTE at Inditex

The Coordinator of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) has applauded Inditex’s decision to postpone the Temporary Employment Regulation File from April 15 for more than 35,000 people and has asked for protective equipment for the templates that continue to work.

10:17. Several German “Lander” extend the confinements

Several German “Lander” are already implementing confinement measures for their citizens, awaiting tomorrow’s meeting between regional powers and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the steps to be taken in the face of the coronavirus. Bavaria, in the south of the country and with 13 million inhabitants, was the first federated state to decree an emergency situation, last Monday, and also the first, yesterday, to decree the general confinement of its population. The decision of the Bavarian authorities, with 2,401 contagions of the total of almost 14,000 reported until yesterday by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) -state competent in Germany on the matter-, followed similar orders in Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden Wuttemberg, in the west Hamburg in the north and Saxony in the east. In all of them, food shops, pharmacies or establishments of basic necessities remain open, in addition to gas stations and banks. It is allowed to go shopping, walk the dog or walk, even do sports outdoors, but only individually.

10:12. The Government will distribute 8 million masks among carriers and Renfe, Aena and Correos personnel

The Ministry of Transport will buy “a maximum” of eight million masks to distribute among freight transporters and road travelers, the staff who work at Renfe, Adif, Aena, Puertos del Estado and Correos. This is established by an order of the Department directed by Jose Luis Abalos with which it is intended to contribute to these groups safely undertaking the work they do to guarantee the supply of products and the movements of citizens who have to travel due to force majeure during the alarm status.

Of the total of masks, half, four million, will be distributed among road hauliers of both merchandise and passengers, that is, both truckers and urban and intercity bus drivers, taxi drivers and vehicle drivers. rental with driver (VTC). Another two million masks will go to Correos personnel who work to guarantee basic public postal and parcel services, and another 1.28 million will be delivered to Puertos del Estado and the Society for Salvage and Maritime Safety (Sasemar. Also, Renfe it will receive 620,000 masks for its railway workers, Aena will have 102,000 for employees of the airport network, Adif will have 80,000 for its train control, management and maintenance of infrastructure and stations staff and Enaire with 4,800 for its control and management workers from airspace.


10:07. Ifema becomes a containment space

The Ifema fairground, in Madrid, has been emptied of fairs and has become a retaining wall against the coronavirus, with the transformation of one of its pavilions into a provisional hospital and another into a hostel to accommodate people. asymptomatic homeless. The Community of Madrid has already begun to prepare Hall 9 of Ifema that will house the provisional hospital, an initiative inspired by the so-called Noah’s Coffers in the Chinese city of Wuhan, epicenter of the pandemic. The objective of this type of facility was to welcome a large number of patients with mild symptoms and try to prevent the highly communicable disease from continuing to spread. Now it will fulfill this function in hall 9 of Ifema, where the regional government in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and with the support of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) will install 5,500 beds for mild cases of coronavirus and an ICU for the most serious.

10:03. Brussels proposes temporary framework of aid to the fishing sector

La Comision Europea (CE) ha propuesto un marco temporal de ayudas de Estado para el sector pesquero, uno de los mas afectados por el impacto de la pandemia, que permitira conceder hasta 120.000 euros a empresas dedicadas a la pesca o la acuicultura. Este nuevo marco, adoptado el pasado 19 de marzo, permitira a los paises facilitar apoyo en forma de subvenciones directas, ventajas fiscales o garantias de prestamos y se extendera hasta el proximo 31 de diciembre. La drastica caida de la demanda de productos pesqueros debida a la reduccion o el cierre temporal de la actividad tanto de restaurantes como de otros compradores de productos pesqueros esta teniendo un importante impacto sobre el sector pesquero.

09:58. El sector cervecero esta “terriblemente tocado”

El sector cervecero esta “terriblemente tocado” por el cierre de la hosteleria, ya que esta via genera 8 de cada 10 euros que ingresa la industria, por lo que ya anticipa un desplome de la ventas e, incluso, la aprobacion de Expedientes de Regulacion Temporal de Empleo (ERTE). Asi lo ha avanzado el director general de la patronal Cerveceros de Espana, Jacobo Olalla, cuyas estimaciones apuntan a que en ningun caso las ventas en el canal supermercado podran compensar la caida del consumo en bares y restaurantes dada su magnitud.

09:54. Controles en las salidas de las grandes ciudades para evitar desplazamientos

La Direccion General de Trafico (DGT) ha establecido este sabado controles de carreteras en las salidas de las grandes ciudades para evitar desplazamientos a segundas residencias. A lo largo de la semana la movilidad en el transporte ha continuado bajando como consecuencia del estado de alerta, pero se teme que este sabado haya un repunte de gente que pretenda trasladarse desde las principales ciudades a sus segundas residencias.

09:48. Cataluna confirma que 104 ancianos que viven en residencias estan contagiados

The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat has reported that there are 104 people living in nursing homes who have a diagnosis of Covid-19: they are isolated and are being treated according to the protocols of the Ministry of Health. En total hay 114 residencias con personas con sintomatologia o con diagnostico, han detallado.


09:45. Argentina suma 30 nuevos casos

El primer dia de cuarentena total en Argentina dejo este viernes imagenes inusuales por las calles, casi deserticas, aunque las fuerzas de seguridad ya detuvieron a personas que se saltaron el decreto que entro en vigor la pasada medianoche, mientras se confirmaron 30 nuevos casos de coronavirus. En total, segun el balance diario del Ministerio de Salud, hay 158 positivos en el pais, la mayoria de ellos en la ciudad de Buenos Aires y su provincia homonima, y tres muertes.

09:40. Volkswagen cierra todas sus fabricas en Mexico

La compania alemana ha anunciado que cerrara temporalmente todos sus centros de produccion en el pais a partir del 30 de marzo y hasta el 12 de abril con el objetivo de proteger la salud de sus trabajadores frente al avance imparable del coronavirus.

09:32. Los jugadores recibiran de la NBA sus salarios completos el 1 de abril

La NBA tiene todo listo para que los jugadores puedan recibir el proximo 1 de abril el ultimo cheque con el que tendran todos los salarios de la temporada cubiertos, aunque la competicion se encuentre suspendida por causa del coronavirus. Eso si, dejara abierta la posibilidad de recuperar futuros salarios de los partidos cancelados hasta el 15 de abril, de acuerdo a un memorando de la liga que envio este viernes a todos los equipos.

09:26. Nuevo repunte de casos en Corea del Sur

Corea del Sur ha experimentado un ligero aumento de nuevos contagios, segun informaron las autoridades del pais, que preven un aumento de casos importados y se prepara para batallar contra focos esporadicos de infeccion. Un total de 147 nuevos positivos fueron detectados el viernes, lo que eleva la cifra oficial de contagios en el pais a 8.799. La cifra de fallecidos en el pais supera ya el centenar, en concreto murieron hasta este viernes 102 personas.

09:21. Tercer dia sin contagios locales en China

China, por tercer dia consecutivo, no registro hoy ningun caso de contagios a nivel local en el pais, aunque los nuevos contagios procedentes del exterior continuaron aumentando y alcanzaron un nuevo record de 41 personas, informo la Comision Nacional de Salud. Hasta la pasada medianoche local (16.00 GMT del viernes), el pais asiatico contabilizo 7 nuevas muertes, todas ellas en la provincia de Hubei y seis en su capital, Wuhan, foco de la pandemia. El numero de casos graves se redujo en 173, mientras que 590 pacientes fueron dadas de alta de los hospitales, segun la comision, que informo de que se detectaron otros 36 nuevos casos sospechosos de haber contraido el virus. El total de casos confirmados en todo el pais se elevo a 81.008 y el de muertos a 3.255, mientras que 71.740 pacientes han sido dados de alta desde el comienzo del brote. Desde entonces se ha vigilado a 685.866 contactos cercanos de los contagiados, de los que 9.371 permanecen aun en observacion.

El presidente chino Xi Jinping.


09:16. Paraguay confirma su primera muerte por coronavirus

Paraguay registro su primer fallecido por Covid-19, un paciente que se encontraba en terapia intensiva, informo este viernes el Ministerio de Salud Publica. El anuncio se produjo poco despues de que el presidente paraguayo, Mario Abdo Benitez, anunciara la extension de la cuarentena hasta el 12 de abril, asi como una mayor restriccion horaria de la circulacion de personas.

09:13. Ecuador confia en que el incidente de Guayaquil “no pase a mayores”

El canciller de Ecuador, Jose Valencia, confia en que el incidente ocurrido el pasado miercoles en el aeropuerto de Guayaquil, donde se impidio el aterrizaje de dos vuelos, uno de ellos de Iberia, “no pase a mayores” tras haber explicado que el Estado no tuvo ninguna responsabilidad. “Ecuador will always respect international law, the norm that governs world aeronautics, Ecuadorian laws, of course, and those humanitarian provisions,” said Valencia at a virtual press conference, emphasizing that his country will guarantee “that those flights can be made. ” El canciller dijo que ha explicado a autoridades de los paises que estaban afectados por este asunto, que este suceso “no dependio del Estado ecuatoriano”, algo que ha sido comprendido por los interlocutores.

09:10. Los despidos en Canada llegan a niveles de la Gran Depresion en cuatro dias

Alrededor de 500.000 personas han solicitado en los ultimos cuatro dias el seguro de desempleo en Canada a consecuencia del cierre de empresas y el cese de actividades por la pandemia, unas cifras no vistas en el pais desde la Gran Depresion de 1932. La cifra contrasta con las 27.000 solicitudes recibidas en la misma semana hace un ano. El primer ministro canadiense, Justin Trudeau, declaro este viernes que la magnitud de las solicitudes de seguro de desempleo es “historica”. “En la pasada semana, muchas agencias gubernamentales han recibido un numero historica de llamadas de canadienses preocupados. Se que la gente esta ansiosa de recibir la ayuda que se merecen y nuestro Gobierno esta trabajando tan rapido como es posible para apoyarles”, afirmo durante una rueda de prensa.

09:05. Cuba cierra sus fronteras excepto a los residentes en el pais y el comercio

Cuba anuncio este viernes el cierre de sus fronteras excepto para los residentes en la isla y las actividades comerciales con el fin de evitar la llegada de nuevos casos al pais, que ya suma 21 personas con la enfermedad y al menos otras 500 en aislamiento preventivo. El presidente, Miguel Diaz-Canel, hizo el anuncio en la television durante un programa especial en el que se anunciaron las ultimas medidas del Gobierno frente a la pandemia, “un desafio inedito” que “no ha podido ser contenido por las sociedades mas desarrolladas del planeta”, recordo.

09:00. La OMS registra mas de 234.000 casos en el mundo

La Organizacion Mundial de la Salud (OMS) registro un total de 234.073 casos de coronavirus en el mundo, lo que implica cerca 25.000 mas que en la vispera. Las muertes se elevan a 9.840, unas 800 mas que el jueves, segun las estadisticas remitidas por los paises afectados a la OMS. Segun esos datos, se trato del primer dia en que Wuhan, la ciudad china origen de la pandemia, no registro ningun caso, lo que constituye un hito en la lucha. Los paises afectados son 176.



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