Stoned ambulances in Spain

Stoned ambulances in Spain

A group of young people from a city in southern Spain have paralyzed ambulances carrying 28 elderly people with the new coronavirus to a residence where they should be taken into care, the national police said on Wednesday.

The incident comes as the toll of the Covid-19 pandemic in Spain surpassed that of China on Wednesday, with 3,434 dead.

“Several young people gathered in the town (of La Linea de la Concepcion) to prevent the arrival of the ambulance convoy which brought the elderly”, according to the police.

They threw stones and insulted the ambulances on their way and put a car across the road to prevent their passage, added the police who arrested two people of 32 and 25 years old.

The elderly were transferred to a residence in La Linea de la Concepcion to be taken care of while their retirement home in another locality “Was disinfected” by the authorities, said a police spokesman.

Two explosive devices

“The agents had to establish a perimeter around the residence to control a group of about fifty people”added the police, according to which two improvised explosive devices were launched on the police and burnt out garbage cans.

These young people “Provoked, threatened and insulted the police and those who displaced the sick”said the spokesperson.

Close to the British territory of Gibraltar, La Line de la Concepcion is plagued by very high unemployment and is a hub for drug and cigarette trafficking.

“There is a tense atmosphere because those who smuggle illegal tobacco or hashish can not do anything, can not leave their homes without justification”, said the police spokesman, while the Spanish have been subjected since March 14 to strict confinement.


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