Sucking in boiling water vapor for five minutes does not deactivate the coronavirus

Sucking in boiling water vapor for five minutes does not deactivate the coronavirus

This article was originally published by on March 22, 2020. This content is reproduced here as part of #CoronaVirusFacts, a global effort led by the International Fact-Checking Network, IFCN (of which Colombiacheck is a member), to combat disinformation regarding the coronavirus outbreak worldwide.

You have asked us through our WhatsApp verification service (+34 682 58 96 64) for a viral video from a gynecologist who gives recommendations to disable the current coronavirus. In the recording, of more than six minutes, the doctor assures that sucking boiling water vapor for five minutes three or four times a day “has the capacity to deactivate the virus.” It’s false. We explain it to you.

Who is Mario Pesaresi?

In the video, the doctor introduces himself as Mario Pesaresi and reports that he is the division chief of the Carlos G. Durand hospital from Buenos Aires. He also ensures that he is a gynecologist at the Mediterranean clinic in Almeria, in Spain. However, it does not specify if you currently practice or not. In fact, as confirmed by the verifiers of Checked in Argentina, he no longer works at this hospital.

From, we have also contacted the HLA hospital group to which the Mediterranean hospital of Almeria belongs. “The doctor was a gynecologist at the Mediterraneo clinic, but many years ago he retired and has no relationship with the HLA Group,” we have been answered by the communication office.

After the video went viral, Pesaresi made another one where he specifies that he stopped practicing in Buenos Aires in 2002 and in Almeria in 2017.

The WHO has not said that the current virus is deactivated at 56 degrees.

Pesaresi’s reasoning is based on what he says the World Health Organization (WHO) would have said the coronavirus is inactivated at 56 degrees. “That temperature is what we can handle,” he says next. However, the WHO has not said this. In the organization’s official websiteThere is no information to indicate when the current virus is deactivated.

At the moment, there are no clear conclusions on whether heat or high temperatures disable the current strain of the virus. As indicated by Center for Disease Control and PreventionIt is not yet known whether the climate and temperature impact the spread of the virus.

The OMS yes he said it referring to the coronavirus that caused SARS in 2003. But that coronavirus is a different strain than the virus that causes the current covid-19. As theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), there are seven different types of coronaviruses.

Water vapor inhalations do not eliminate the coronavirus

Dr. Fernando Farinas Guerrero, director of the Institute of Clinical Immunology and Infectious Diseases of Malaga, explained to Health Without Bulls that, as the gynecologist says, the elevated temperature of the water vapor denatures the virus’s proteins. However, “it also denatures the proteins in the tissues”, so that more than 50 degrees in the lung would also destroy the organ itself. Also, that temperature does not reach the airways. The doctor emphasizes that “with a deep inhalation the air never reaches the alveoli”, which make up the tissue where the virus finally settles.

There is no cure for Covid-19

Consulted by, Dr. Jaime Barrios, family doctor and member of the Scientific Council of the Illustrious College of Physicians of Madrid, recalls that the current covid-19 is treated with drugs and intubation. “This is why it is so important to have sufficient UCIS and respirators,” he stresses.

At present, there is no vaccine no treatment to cure covid-19, caused by SARS-CoV-2, the name of the current coronavirus. Both China and the United States have indicated that they have started vaccine trials on human beings but there are still months to verify its efficacy and safety.

The video, recorded on March 19 and circulating on WhatsApp, has also been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook. In addition, it accumulates thousands of views on YouTube. From, we have tried to contact the gynecologist but we have not received a response so far.


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