Suez Environnement suspends its 2020 targets


The Suez Environnement Board of Directors has carried out an in-depth review of the actions implemented by the Group to adapt to the context of Covid-19. “The Suez Group and all of our employees are fully focused on the continuity of service in all the countries where we are present. Whether for drinking water distribution, wastewater management or collection and treatment municipal waste, but also the supply of quality water or waste treatment for vital industries, Suez plays a key role in protecting public health. While ensuring the safety of its employees, Suez has implemented the necessary continuity plans, in solidarity with governments, public and private sector customers, who in turn quickly put in place accompanying measures to help us provide these vital services, “says the Board of Directors. .

Suez Environnement carried out an activity review, specifying the impacts of COVID-19 on the group’s activities …

In China

In China, Suez Environnement had already mentioned on February 26 the impacts linked to the epidemic context of Covid-19, on the activity of hazardous waste incinerators but also on the volumes of water in Macau. Given a gradual return to activity, Suez Environnement confirms that the impacts specified on February 26 remain valid: 30 to 40 ME on 2020 EBIT, mainly in the 1st quarter, with a gradual return to a normal situation expected for now in the 2nd quarter.

In Europe and the Americas

In Europe and the Americas, although government actions have been very recent, Suez Environment is starting to see the first impacts, for example on raw material prices and volumes. It is not uniform … In certain geographical areas, certain industrial sectors or with certain customers, activity is normal.

If it is too early to quantify the impact on Suez Environnement’s 2020 targets, these are suspended to establish new ones. “It is clear to us that, like all industries, we are likely to be significantly impacted in 2020 by the consequences of population containment. We are monitoring the situation very closely and will inform the market in due course as the trends will become clear, “said the Board of Directors.

He concludes: “We have already started to adapt to these perspectives. The Group’s transformation plan – Shaping Suez 2030 – will result in this year a strong improvement in performance and profitability, as well as greater selectivity of investments, and it is already well engaged throughout the Group “.


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