Susana Molina reveals how much money she earned before and after ‘The island of temptations’

Susana Molina reveals how much money she earned before and after 'The island of temptations'

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Susana Molina

The life of Susana Molina has turned 180 degrees since he decided to participate in en The Island of Temptations ’, one of the revelation television programs of this 2020. His time on the Mediaset reality show ended up affecting the relationship of the young woman with his boyfriend of six years, Gonzalo Montoya. The attitude of the Sevillian in the program did not like Susana at all and this, very disappointed, decided to break up with him.

Apart from her break with Gonzalo, the young woman has opened a new residence in Madrid and has enhanced her role as an influencer. Far from what other of her colleagues have done, the winner of ‘Big Brother 14’ has decided to put dirt in the middle and stay away from television. After ‘The island of temptations, Susana Molina has focused on her facet as an influencer. Although he was already acting as such before participating in the couples reality show, the truth is that the increase in popularity that he has experienced after spending time there has positively affected his income from his activity on social networks.

The extronista Noel Bayarri has had Susana Molina as a guest on his Mtmad channel. In the meeting, the young woman has spoken about her love life, but also about other aspects of her life, including her economic benefits as an influencer. “How much does an influencer earn per month?”Noel Bayarri has asked him.

Susana Molina

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Susana Molina

Susana Molina has referred to what she earned from her activity on social networks before her visit to ‘The island of temptations and, Although he has not been able to specify what his current income is for his work as an influencer, he has assured that his time on the reality show has benefited him in that sense.

“It depends a lot on the month … On average, I didn’t earn that much in a month either. Maybe it was 4,000 or 5,000 euros more or less. Now I am making more money. What happens is that I can’t tell you exactly how much ”, Susana Molina said in Mtmad. “But you don’t earn that much either. People think that much more is earned ”, added the young woman.


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