suspicious direct sellers would pose as decontaminators

suspicious direct sellers would pose as decontaminators

Individuals are reportedly taking advantage of the coronavirus epidemic to enter the elderly.

We knew the false police scam … At the time of the coronavirus, the crooks updated their scenario: these are now false “decontaminators” who would knock on the door of the elderly in order to rather rob them. The Girondin gendarmes have posted a warning on their Facebook page.

False municipal employees

Decommissioning a home because of coronavirus is unheard of! In any case I did not know of this type of break-in before it happened with us!Exclaims the captain of the Libourne gendarmerie, contacted by Le Figaro. This Wednesday, March 4, the gendarmes of Villegouge, near Libourne, northeast of Bordeaux, intervened after being alerted by a resident of the small village of Lugon-et-l’Ile-du-Carnay of the presence of a very suspicious direct seller. Presenting himself as a municipal employee responsible for “decontaminate“Homes, he would have tried on several occasions to enter isolated houses. The suspect would be a man “well dressed“,”with a small vehicle“And”presenting wellAccording to the testimony of the elderly person. This last “had the reflex to refuse to let him in»According to the gendarmerie. “It’s just an attempt», Underlines the sergeant.

The perpetrators of these crimes use well-honed techniques, presenting themselves to the homes of the elderly as municipal officials and claiming to have to carry out checks or some kind of operation. “The author (s) are usually dressed appropriately for the function they claim to hold, often in uniform“, Specifies the gendarmerie of Libourne. In most cases, these charlatans come with a sprayer, “put a fleet hit that will have no effect“And invoice the service 1500 euros, specifies the police.

If the owner of the house is reluctant, the false officials offer to sell a product whose spraying prevents contamination by the coronavirus. But if he manages to get inside, he takes advantage of their guests’ moments of inattention in order to steal valuables. These criminals also use their intrusion into the home to locate the premises and identify valuables for a future burglary. Each piece is combed through to falsely “disinfect”.


The captain questioned by Le Figaro recalls that the “often unsuspecting” elderly are the most vulnerable : “The majority of trickery robberies target the elderly, who are often physically weak and unsuspecting. They often keep large sums of money at home, as well as valuable jewelry

An awareness campaign was set up to inform the Libourne units about this new type of break-in.

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