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tasting bars and gastronomic roof

The modernization of the Los Mostenses market: tasting bars and gastronomic roof


Facade of the Mostenses market, in the neighborhood of Malasaña

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Facade of the Mostenses market, in the neighborhood of Malasana

Just a hundred meters from the Gran Via, between Spain Square and the San Bernardo street, a brick building seen welcomes the market of The Mostenses, in the lower area of ​​the neighborhood of Malasana. A municipal space that currently has 100% occupancy, as indicated by municipal sources consulted by THE WORLD, but that the City Council of the capital seeks to “revitalize” as has happened with others in the Centro district as San Anton, Barcelo or Anton MartinThe integral reform of the market would involve an investment of three million euros that would serve to modify the structure of air conditioning of the space, electrical installations, adapt the facades and create a roof mainly focused on restoration offers. Due to the “high economic amount” needed for the reform, sources of Economy Area They indicate that the Consistory will use “private investors” to finance “the entire project” after receiving “the interest of several”. The basis of the project will focus, in addition to a reform of the facilities, in developing various tasting bars in the market and enable a rooftop with a gastronomic space that serve as a complement to the food stalls that now occupy the space. To do this, merchants have already come to the Activities Agency of the municipal corporation and will register the consultation in the Urban Development Area. “We hope that it goes well and that the reform can be carried out,” said the sources consulted. The intention of the City Council of the capital is that, at least the reform of the market structure, the facade and the boiler – which will involve an investment of 45,000 euros- is developed at the end of 2020 or the beginning of the year 2021. This is not the first reform that is tried to be carried out in the Mostenses market since in 2013, with Ana Bottle As mayor of the city, a group of investors submitted a project proposal to the City Council to renovate all its infrastructure. The idea was to make a disbursement of more than 6 million euros and that the municipal corporation proceed to pedestrianize the environment of the square in which the building is located.In this project, the developers were committed to expanding the building with two new floors and thus to be able to expand the number of posts and create a landscaped terrace in which they intended to introduce restaurants and cocktail bars that began operating in 2015. An idea that never developed and that is comparable to what is currently being planned for the same space.

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