Tatsuki Suzuki takes pole

Tatsuki Suzuki takes pole

We already have the results of timed Moto3 training in Qatar 2020. The Losail International Circuit has witnessed the great afternoon of Japan’s Tatsuki Suzuki, which won the Q2 victory after finishing second in Q1. The Japanese was coming with rhythm and has taken advantage of it, something that Albert Arenas has also done by the way.

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Gabriel Rodrigo dominates a Q1 in which Salac goes to the ground

Q2 has started and has ended dominated by the Argentine Gabriel Rodrigo, who has done his best time of the weekend by marking 2.05.254 in his best lap. However, both the mentioned Suzuki and Jeremy Alcoba have been very close, in their first attempt as a permanent pilot, which has a very special merit.

The fourth position and qualification for Q2 has been finished taking Albert Arenas in the last breath, since he has been really at odds. It seemed that Filip Salac, one of the strongest drivers of the entire preseason, was going to be in Q2. However, the Czech driver has ended up falling into a corner after a small touch with Josito Garcia.

The most curious thing is that practically everyone has finished playing a lap, with very little time. It has been a very open career. The negative note has been put by Alonso Lopez, who has warmed up in an argument with Tatsuki Suzuki and has given the Asian a blow with his hand and also with the motorcycle. Surely there is a penalty for the Madrid driver after this encounter with the team of Max Biaggi.

In the end, the qualifiers for Q2 have been Gabriel Rodrigo, Tatsuki Suzuki, Jeremy Alcoba and Albert Arenas, who has entered the top four in the last breath. The Classification of the Q1 of Moto3 in Qatar 2020 It has been, therefore, that way.

Suzuki claims his experience

The Japanese Tatsuki Suzuki, with a lap time of 2.04.815, has again broken the pole record. In this sense, the fact of coming from Q1 has greatly influenced, since the Japanese came with good sensations, with references a few minutes ago and with rhythm, since he was making turns to the limit. That has given him an advantage over others.

An important fact: of the 19 races last year were 6 pilots who made the pole coming from Q1, almost a third. And half of them ended up winning the race. In fact, Albert Arenas, who was also running fast in Q1, has started Q2 in second place, with Darryn Binder third. As in Q1, everyone has ended up throwing the rest in one last lap, measuring each drop of fuel and with uncertainty until the end.

It should be noted that Suzuki has left late and has not given him time to complete a final lap due to problems with the motorcycle, but with the pole in his pocket he has not had any problem. In the end, it was first, followed by very close by Raul Ferandez and with an Albert Arenas that has finished in third place. At 8 thousandths Fernandez has stayed, who has seen at the last moment how the first pole of his life escaped. The general classification of Q2 in the Qatar GP 2020 in Moto3 It has been this.

What the protagonists have said

The great winner, Suzuki, commented that “we had a problem with the bike. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been able to talk to the technicians about it, so I haven’t been able to make another lap. But important is that it went well and I am satisfied. We came from Q1 and yesterday I felt disappointed. Now I am satisfied, but tomorrow is the most important thing. “

On the other hand, Raul Fernandez, who has touched the pole, has said the following: “It has been difficult to manage my nerves for being the first of the year. I want to thank my teammate. On the other hand, yesterday I felt more comfortable with the bike. Today in the fast corners I could not give 100% due to the front axle, which has given me some problems. In any case, the tests have gone well and we are willing to fight tomorrow. “

Finally, Albert Arenas has stated that “if I tell you the truth, we had the rhythm and the fast lap too, but yesterday in FP2 I don’t know what we did because I got into a group, I lost everything in the last sectors and I couldn’t give the maximum. I am very happy to be in the front row, it has not been easy, but ‘cool’ that in the end it has ended like this. “We are prepared and tomorrow we will try to enjoy the first race of the year.”


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