That is why the light is dimmed during takeoff and landing

That is why the light is dimmed during takeoff and landing

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The light is always off at take-off and landing. Why actually?

During takeoff and landing, the lights in the aircraft are always switched off. You can find out why with us!Haven’t you ever wondered why this always happens at the start and during landing on flights Cabin light reduced to a minimum becomes? We too. And that’s why we are going to clarify why this is the case.

The light is switched off at take-off and landing

The answer is simple, but also somewhat unsettling. Almost all measures that are taken before or during a flight serve security. This also applies to dimming the cabin lighting.

Takeoff and landing are the critical phases with the greatest danger potential. And in the event of an accident, the evacuation of passengers is the top priority.

That is why the light is dimmed

However, the evacuation can only be carried out smoothly if the eyes of the people on board do not look at one new lighting situation have to get used to.

They can also be used in everyone plane attached light strips on the floor and at the emergency exits can be better recognized in dim light.

Lights up, right !?


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