that’s how survivors have fun

that's how survivors have fun

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Elena Rodriguez

Between caring for the fire, working the cabin, making food, trying to fish, and having strength for the reward tests, There is also time to laugh and have a good time. Although survivors spend a lot of time arguing with each other and the tension is sometimes unbearable, It seems like there are times for fun. Jose Antonio Aviles, who is the god of the island this week, proposed to all his companions a special game: whoever danced for him would be rewarded with a piece of ‘melon’, fruit that everyone wanted and that when opened it made them realize that it was really a papaya. Fani and Rocio Flores they were not very convinced to participate, but Elena He told his partner that she was willing to entertain him and dance what he asked for. Once put in matter and trying to simulate the movements of a Sevillian, at the request of the collaborator of Live life, Adaras mother’s impromptu steps encouraged the rest.

Nyno, Fani and Jorge

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Nyno, Fani and Jorge

Nyno started clapping and singing a song while Jorge and the former contestant of The island of temptations they started dancing and pirouette. “Very good, very good guys. If you continue like this, between now and Thursday I will reward you”, said Aviles while he ate a piece of the fruit. All his colleagues looked at him anxiously and anticipated that “he was not going to be able to do it.” For a few moments the good atmosphere and the laughter reigned, but Fani put the lace to confess that her dance partner had no idea: “Jorge has tried, but the poor man is a dizzy duck and has no coordinationIn addition, Elena, who is the one who has moved the most, recognized that “although she loves sevillanas”, she has never learned them correctly. “I had not done it in my life. I haven’t even danced in the clubs“, he recognized in front of all his companions.

Ana María Aldón

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Ana Maria Aldon

In Playa Desvalida, where the truth is that there is not so much tension and tranquility reigns, the survivors hung out sunbathing and trying on the yiya wig. The former princess of Cuatro has been wearing it since the first program of the reality and surprised everyone when he took it off and appeared totally shaved. So, her inseparable friend Ivana she was the first to try it on and revealed to everyone that “doesn’t smell bad“, something that glad to know Jorge Javier Vazquez, since at some point you have confessed that even He has dreamed of her and does not want to see her anywhere near. Ana Maria Aldon He also wanted to put it on and after putting it on his head he said: “Another Yiya cannot be”, to which Antonio Pavon replied that “it fit him very well


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