The 2019/20 season could be canceled and is on hold

The 2019/20 season could be canceled and is on hold

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The season in Serie A is in danger, the situation in the country due to the coronavirus has not changed much and the clubs would have a dispute over the decision to cancel the course and those who want to play; Juventus and Lazio would keep the title fight on and off the pitch.

Italian soccer would be divided between the clubs that put health before soccer and that seek to put an end to the course and those that want to play the 38 calendar days regardless of the crisis.

The example is clear, Juventus wants to end the season considering that there is no exact date to return to play, in addition to worrying about health for millions of Italians; in the other side Lazio that clings to waiting, playing and that the title is decided on the field of play.

The president of the Sampdoria He referred to it and pointed out “Series A next year should be the same as this one” and assured “For me, the season ends here”, there are few teams like Lazio that insist on playing the 12 games that remain on the calendar .


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