The 300,000 masks donated by Amancio Ortega will arrive in Spain in the coming days

The 300,000 masks donated by Amancio Ortega will arrive in Spain in the coming days

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The masks 300,000 masks donated by Inditex They are ready to be shipped to Spain from China, so they are expected to arrive in the next few days.

The shipment, which includes medical supplies such as masks or gloves, could arrive in Spain this Monday. Although this is the first shipment of material, the company plans to make more shipments as needed.

“Even if the oceans separate us, we are united by the same moon,” read the packages that are ready for shipment on a freighter in China.

The company announced last Wednesday that it has made all of its logistics, supply and commercial management capacity available to the Government, especially from China, to meet the emergency needs, both for medical and textile materials that are currently needed. .

In this way, Inditex assured that it will make at least one weekly shipment of the material that is bought directly. Specifically, the firm is working to bring the material that the Spanish health authorities have indicated as most urgent, such as masks, gloves, protective glasses, hats, leggings and facial protectors.

In fact, these 300,000 protective surgical masks add to the 10,000 already donated. In addition, Inditex will provide logistical support to transport the purchase made by the Government directly from China.

Textile manufacturing

“We are exploring the ability to convert part of our textile manufacturing capacity to sanitary material production, for which the Inditex production team has been involved,” the company explained this week.

In this sense, the possibility of manufacturing protective gowns in Spain has been identified, for which it is necessary to carry out a series of sanitary adjustments and confirm the availability of raw materials.

“Finally, it is important to point out the solidarity and help offered from China by different providers and collaborators, especially from Tsinghua University, whose mediation is being essential to access basic medical supplies,” the firm highlighted.


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