The best home remedy for viruses is …

The best home remedy for viruses is ...

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This home remedy helps fight viruses

How can we effectively protect ourselves against viruses? We tell you which means you can really do something for your health …Not only in times of Corona, we are careful to protect ourselves against viruses. We get vaccinations, eat more and less fruit and vegetables, try long walks and what other home remedies or pharmacies offer. There is a very important remedy for viruses, which unfortunately comes up short …

The best remedy for viruses: sleep!

Sleep is the most effective “home remedy” for viruses. If you still believe that you can give 100% a day even with regular sleep deprivation, you have to be disappointed. This has a negative effect on both the psyche and the body.

According to neurologist Frau Dr. Verena Senn the World Health Organization advises sleeping 7 to 9 hours a night. The sleep expert explains that a good night’s sleep strengthens our immune system and thus our health, because that’s essential for us, especially when it comes to defending against viruses. In addition, Dr. Senn added that even those who sleep (regularly) too little are significantly more susceptible to diseases and infections.

Sufficient sleep also in the home office

Neurologist Dr. Verena Senn emphasizes how important it is Division of workplace and sleeping space in the Home office is. In your opinion, it is important for our ration that we also have a place of rest, for an even better sleep. However, if you only have one room available, she recommends at least the separation by Sleeping area and separate work corner.

The same applies to breaks and after work: clear your head and your work space – especially your health for love!


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