“The body is fighting against an enemy it does not know”


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He comes out of silence.

This Tuesday, Paolo Maldini returned to the columns of the Corriere della Sera on the coronavirus that struck him. If he is now very close to being completely cured, the technical director of AC Milan describes in particular the symptoms he experienced: The pains are particularly severe, he explains. You feel like a compression in the chest. It’s a new virus. The body fights against an enemy it does not know. I had pain in the joints and muscles, and fever up to 38 and a half. I also lost my taste and my sense of smell.

If he and his son Daniel are the only ones in the Maldini family to have officially contracted the virus, the former Italian defender, now 51, is convinced that the other members of his family were also positive: ” My wife had a very long and very strange flu, she was in bed for three weeks, he confessed. Before that, in mid-February, our eldest son Christian, who is 23 years old, was also very sick, he may have suffered the most from the family. They both tested negative. But we are convinced that they too have caught the virus.

Contagious, did you say?


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