the Cashew performs a transplant to a baby with severe heart disease

the Cashew performs a transplant to a baby with severe heart disease

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Her name is Chloe, she is a year and a half old and suffers from serious heart disease. It is the miracle of these dark days. Because, in the middle of the largest healthcare device ever organized in Spain, the Gregorio Maranon Hospital Madrid has achieved perform a transplant to save his life. Her mother wanted to “thank those families who make this happen; what Despite the great pain they feel, they help our children live. ”.

Gregorio Maranon and the National Transplant Organization (ONT) have published the case of Chloe on Tuesday. An extraordinary feat in the middle of the epidemic. The recipient, they detail, had a dilated cardiomyopathy as a result of viral myocarditis.

Cardiomyopathies They are diseases of the heart muscle that cause an alteration in the contractility and size of the heart. Many of these children they need treatments and machines that help keep your heart waiting, as in this case, for a heart transplant, “he explains Constancio Medrano, head of Children’s Cardiology at the Madrid center.

A 7-hour operation

A little over a month ago, they indicate from the hospital, the girl’s situation worsened. She was placed on the pediatric emergency waiting list. Given the possibility of performing the transplant, the hospital accepted the donation and activated all the necessary means to carry it out. Both the donor and the recipient underwent the coronavirus test, as established by the ONT security protocols. They tested negative.

The intervention lasted about seven hours and a team of ten professionals participated, including surgeons, anesthetists, nurses …

The intervention lasted about seven hours and a team of ten professionals participated in it, including surgeons, anesthetists, nurses, perfusionists from the Cashew, while intensivists, surgeons and nurses for the support and extraction of the heart have participated in the donor hospital, “he explains. Juan Miguel Gil Jaurena, Head of Children’s Cardiac Surgery of the hospital.

The good news is that, the same sources report, Chloe is in good condition in the Intensive Care Unit of the Children’s Hospital. “He is very well, today he has already opened his eyes several times ”, indicates his mother.

Special device for transplants

Faced with the coronavirus epidemic and the recommendation to avoid displacement, especially among health personnel in hospital centers, the ONT has agreed with the autonomous communities and transplant centers a special device that mobilizes different teams from the city where the cardiac donation occurs to avoid the transfer of professionals from the receiving center.

From the ONT they indicate that the usual thing is that the transplanting team is the one that moves to extract the organ. Although in the donation renal, hepatic and pulmonary procedures of this type are already produced to avoid unnecessary displacement, they add, with the heart it had not been realized.

Teams from three hospitals

For this occasion, according to the ONT, the teams from three hospitals from different communities for extraction and “with extraordinary coordination” with Gregorio Maranon.

“Despite this exceptional pandemic situation, the hospital maintains urgent attention for your pediatric patients thanks to the effort of all its staff and institutional support, including all the attention to children with heart disease, and we have even been able to perform this transplant thanks to the work of the health center and the coordination of the ONT coordination ”, explains Constancio Medrano.

Priority patients

The health emergency is affecting donation and transplant activity, but, according to ONT director Beatriz Dominguez-Gil, efforts continue to continue with the programs to the extent that the epidemic allows. “The entire network is focusing in particular on those patients who are in a more serious situation and those who have more difficulties to transplant, as in the case of children. For this reason we are managing to carry out pediatric transplants, thanks to the great work of the transplant teams, ”says Dominguez-Gil.

The director of the ONT does not miss the opportunity to thank the generosity of the donor families “In circumstances as painful as the loss of a loved one.”

Tomorrow, March 25, the International Transplant Day is celebrated. In 2019, Spainwhich carries like world leader in donation and transplantation twenty-eight years in a row, he reached a new all-time high with 48.9 donors p.m. p and close to 5,500 transplants.


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