the CEO pretends to be part-time and funds the AP-HP

the CEO pretends to be part-time and funds the AP-HP

© Francois BOUCHON / Le Figaro
Pierre-Andre de Chalendar, CEO of Saint-Gobain.

While the coronavirus has cascading effects on the daily life of the French, the two main leaders of Saint-Gobain want to set an example, with a double gesture of solidarity. On the one hand, the pandemic is creating a tense situation in many hospitals; on the other hand, it stifles economic activity, at the risk of putting short-time unemployment into cohorts of employees. Among the 45,000 Saint-Gobain employees in France, several thousand could be affected in the days and weeks to come, even if no decision has yet been taken. Pierre-Andre de Chalendar, CEO of the French flagship of construction, wrote this weekend to his troops.

“We know the sacrifices that are required of you, in your daily life and that of your loved ones, in your working methods which are upset, and potentially in your remuneration”, writes the CEO, recalling that solidarity is a “Key value” of the group. Executives who are not eligible for short-time working,

“Benedict (Bazin, the group’s financial director, editor’s note) and I decided to pay the AP-HP (Assistance Publique, Hôpitaux de Paris, the largest French hospital center) the equivalent of what a partial layoff in France would mean to us, during the entire duration of this crisis. “ Or 16% of their net salary, in the form of a donation, we say in the entourage of the group. The CEO invites, “On a completely voluntary basis, group leaders who would like to do the same”, to follow him.


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