The Community of Madrid hopes to be able to transfer the first patients today to the provisional hospital of Ifema

The Community of Madrid hopes to be able to transfer the first patients today to the provisional hospital of Ifema

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The Madrid’s community hopes to transfer this Saturday the first patients to the provisional hospital of Ipheme that it is being installed in collaboration with the Military Emergency Unit (UME) to attend to coronavirus cases.

This has been detailed in statements to the Cope Chain, collected by Europa Press, the Health Minister of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, to point out that the forecast of referring the first patients to these facilities is being undertaken today, according to the information received from those responsible for Ipheme by video conference.

Escudero has indicated that the regional government made that determination taking into account the forecast provided by the Department of Public Health, which expects a complicated incidence of coronavirus in the Community of Madrid.

Therefore, and until the “turning point” of infections occurs and cases begin to drop, Madrid needs to have facilities that can accommodate patients, in order to guarantee the healthcare response both in terms of hospitalization of patients and ICU beds.

“What is clear is that during these days [el coronavirus] it will behave as it has been up to now and we have to give answers based on this forecast. In Madrid we now operate with a single command and public and private healthcare works in the same way, there are referrals and as it follows the rhythm we are seeing we have to have resources “, the counselor has explained.

In addition, he explained that the provisional hospital of Ifema allows control of a significant number of patients from the point of view of human resource management, since there are large spaces with personnel who can adequately monitor patients with a “very protocolized” action. .

As the Community of Madrid explained yesterday, this facility is deployed with the aim of “responding to the healthcare demand” derived from the incidence of the coronavirus that is expected in the coming days. Thus, these units will house at least 5,500 hospital beds and ICU.

Yesterday, the regional government distributed images showing workers, protected with masks, in Hall 9, beginning the assembly work. First, they have placed a tapestry on the original floor.

The Madrid authorities have been in contact with officials of the Ministry of Health in the last few hours to jointly design this new health provision and it is expected that it may be fully ready “in the coming days”.

The Minister of Justice, Interior and Victims of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Lopez, has revealed that this ‘hospital’ will face the treatment of the most serious in ICUs that are installed to discharge those from Madrid hospitals.


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