“The day Coluche puts on a sauerkraut”


On January 11, 1979, I was live on television on TF1 for my daily program “Midi Premiere”. Veronique Sanson, Bernadette Lafont and Jeane Manson are my guests. Everything goes well when an old acquaintance arrives … Coluche!

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It’s not the first time I’ve had a tumble in my striped pajamas during the show. It took him like a pressing desire to come and play spoilsports, for our greatest pleasure, of course! At the time, there was no security and he was a star known for his provocative humor. It would never occur to anyone to deny him access to the set. I know Coluche well, he and I have animated “Midi Magazine” together for a week in the past (to replace Jacques Martin who was unable to attend). I know that with him anything can happen and that you just have to let yourself be guided! We have a great bond and I am a big customer of his jokes.

I’ll tell you, who is Daniele Gilbert

That day, I welcomed guest star Veronique Sanson who was then living in Los Angeles and, on this occasion, I recreated, with the means available, the view from her Californian house and I served a sauerkraut as she does it herself to receive her guests when she cooks for them. It’s a little “C a vous” before time, but good luck! Veronique leaves to prepare to sing while I am seated at table with Jeane and Bernadette. Between the two of us, Coluche is installed like a rooster in paste. Under the fire of our questions, he decides, to show who the boss is, to make me this good joke. “I’m going to tell you who Daniele Gilbert is. “And here he is, catching a handful of sauerkraut with his paluches, puts it on his head and declares hilariously:” Here, now my hair is like Daniele Gilbert! We burst out laughing.

Jeane Manson even has fun adding a few “streaks of sauerkraut”. Today, we would talk about “making the buzz” but, at the time, we were not calculating anything, it was pure improvisation. Me, I had no ego problem and, with the live, there was always something going on, we were free! We finished the show the quietest in the world, as if all this was just normal. ”

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