“The first results seem to show that we are dominating the virus”


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Alberto Fernandez in the live Instagram with Resident

President Alberto Fernandez had a chat with the Puerto Rican artist Rene Perez, popularly known as Resident, in which he was satisfied with the first results of the mandatory quarantine.

Although he clarified that the national government is preparing for the worst case scenarioFernandez highlighted that Argentina was one of the first countries to decree compulsory social isolation as soon as the first cases were detected. In that sense, revealed that “the first results seem to show that we are dominating the virus.”

The president told the Argentines that if they continue to comply with the rules of prevention “it will go well”, although he clarified that this does not mean escaping unscathed from the crisis but that “we suffer as little as possible.”

On the other hand, he made reference to the regional problem of external debt: “We have the opportunity to make a more caring world. It is difficult to continue demanding in this state of affairs that the towns have to pay their credits before saving their people, the economy can wait and can recoverWhat is not recovered is people’s health, “he explained.

As he explained, at the last meeting with G-20 leaders he also asked them to end the economic blockades. “Those things are what I raise very firmly beyond political questions, we cannot help but be in solidarity with Venezuelans and Cubans who are left to fend for themselves in this pandemic. No one is saved alone, we have to save ourselves with the other, you have to put solidarity as a flag before anything else and reach out to those who need it, “he said.

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When asked about the mass layoffs in the context of the economic situation -after the decision of the Techint group-, Fernandez assured that it will be “very firm” and that he will not “allow that to happen”.

“A rule of solidarity is that no one is left on the street in a situation like this”, argument. In turn, he stressed that “many resources” have been provided to companies to avoid layoffs, including that the State “pay part of the wages.”

“All Argentines must be sure that I will preserve their work,” he said to close the matter.


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