The government does not exclude nationalizations if necessary

The government does not exclude nationalizations if necessary

SANTE-CORONAVIRUS-FRANCE-PHILIPPE: Coronavirus / France: The government does not exclude nationalizations if necessary

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PARIS (Reuters) – The state could “take its responsibilities” and decide to nationalize a company put in great difficulty by the coronavirus crisis, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Tuesday.

“If we had to go this far, in a case of extreme difficulty for a company, to preserve productive capacity, then we would do it,” he said in an interview with France 2.

“Not by ideology, not for the will to allow a nationalization which would last until eternity, but to ensure that companies essential to the French economic fabric do not disappear because of this air gap. So in this if so, we could take responsibility, “he added.

“Regarding Air France, the State already has a 14.5% stake in the company. So we have to take our responsibilities in good intelligence, moreover, with the other shareholders, I am thinking in particular of the government Dutch “, he said, referring to the specific case of the airline.

“We have already taken the decision to abolish a certain number of taxes which weigh specifically on air transport or on airlines which operate from France in order to support businesses. 700 million euros that are committed here, “he said.

“And we are ready to take responsibility as a shareholder to ensure that this national company can overcome this crisis which, in air transport, is absolutely considerable and which has no equal with what we have may have known in the past. “

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