The Government extends the prohibition to cut the supply of electricity, gas and water to all consumers

The Government extends the prohibition to cut the supply of electricity, gas and water to all consumers

Pablo Iglesias, Vice President of the Government

The Government has extended the prohibition of cuts in the supply of electricity, gas and water to all households during the period that the state of alarm for the coronavirus health crisis continues, except for reasons linked to security of supply.

The Royal Decree Law approved this Tuesday as a package of complementary measures to deal with the coronavirus, states that, “exceptionally”, while the state of alarm is in force, the supply of these energy services (electricity, natural gas, derived from petroleum) and water, considered basic, to consumers “in their habitual residence”, although there is such possibility in supply contracts.

At a press conference after the Council of Ministers, the Second Vice President and Minister for Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Pablo Iglesias said that with this measure, the marketing companies “will not be able to suspend service to any citizen.”

Two weeks ago, the Executive had already banned the cutting of these essential supplies for those considered vulnerable households in this exceptional situation, so it is now extended to all citizens.

To prove to the supplier that the supply occurs in the habitual residence, the consumer may use any documentary means that authenticates this circumstance.

The measures of confinement and restriction of mobility have brought about the uninterrupted stay in the home of most families, also carrying out many professional activities that, in habitual circumstances are carried out outside the home, have moved to the home, such as telecommuting.

Therefore, energy supplies (electricity, natural gas, oil derivatives) and the water supply takes on, if possible, an even more essential nature.

“Likewise, the period during which the state of alarm is in force shall not count for the purposes of the terms included between the reliable request for payment and the suspension of supply due to non-payment established in the current regulations or in the supply contracts, as the case may be. “, indicates the norm.

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