The government gives the green light to the app against coronavirus and mobile tracking

The government gives the green light to the app against coronavirus and mobile tracking

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For several days, the Government has launched, through the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Digital Advancement, its machinery to create tools in order to collaborate in control of the Covid-19 in Spain, a pandemic that broke a record this Saturday with 832 dead in 24 hours.Coinciding with the announcement by President Pedro Sanchez that from Monday the activity in the country will be limited to strictly essential services, it has been known that the Executive has published in the Official State Gazette the text that gives the green light to two Key projects for the supervision and reduction of infections: the coronavirus ‘app’ as well as mobile tracking.

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Manuel Angel MendezThe Government announced on Monday a pilot in Valencia to track mobiles anonymously and aggregated to stop the epidemic. Tracking is actually already taking place nationwide

The idea of ​​creating an application in the style of South Korea was born in the Community of Madrid. Isabel Diaz Ayuso contacted the founder of Jazztel, Martin Varsavsky, in order to find a similar solution and this ended up joining a project led by Miguel Arias, from Telefonica, and launched by CartoDB, Mendesaltaren and ForceManager. Other giants like Ferrovial and Google joined the development. However, with the decree of the state of alarm, Health was also interested in this ‘software’.

This app, which has been dubbed ‘Covid Assistance19’, was launched in Madrid, where they had several more days of work, through the webapp ‘’. It is a self-diagnosis page that performs tests similar to those that would be carried out by operators of authorized telephones to report possible cases and thus decongest these lines.

Thus this development will be the basis of what was published this Saturday in the BOE, in which the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Digital Advancement is entrusted with the development “urgent and operation of a computer application”. An application that will allow “at least” the user “to perform the self-assessment based on the medical symptoms that they report”, as well as offering practical advice and in no case will it replace the medical consultation. Said platform will use geolocation only for the purpose of verifying that you are in the Community in which you claim to be.

Also a chatbot

Nobody Calviño.Photo: Efe.

© Provided by El Confidencial
Nobody Calvino.Photo: Efe.

Nobody Calvino.Photo: Efe.

The text states that links to third party information and services may be included to facilitate access. Another task that has been entrusted to this department dependent on the Ministry of Economy is creating a conversational chatbot to use on WhatsApp and other applications courier to answer questions as well as an informative website of all the necessary instruments. The data controller in all cases will be the Ministry of Health, while ownership will fall to the Digital Advance Secretary.

Another of the things that has received the regulatory support has been the project announced by Minister Nadia Calvino for the study of movements through the Spanish ‘smartphones’. A project that will follow the methodology carried out by the National Statistics Institute using data from mobile operators, in an aggregated and anonymised way, to understand the mobility of Spaniards. The bulletin also states that the Secretary of State must create a coordination center to collect and coordinate offers of technological developments to combat the pandemic.


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