The Government leaves out of the economic measures the moratorium on the payment of rent to protect private tenants

The Government leaves out of the economic measures the moratorium on the payment of rent to protect private tenants

In the package of economic measures to cushion the economic blow of the coronavirus In families and companies published this week, a possible moratorium on rent payments was left out. This was one of the proposals of self-employed associations and other groups to face the COVID-19 crisis, but it has not been included in the end.

The reason, as explained by the Government, is that while mortgages are granted by banks – for these yes a moratorium is contemplated in the payment of quotas– in the case of rentals the situation changes. Tenants in many cases are not large companies but individuals, so a moratorium on rent could have the opposite effect than desired.

“We have prioritized the maintenance of income. We have focused a lot on how workers, self-employed workers and companies can continue to function and continue to address the payments that they have to make, in this case, citizens with rents, ”said the Minister of Economy. and Vice President of the Government, Nadia Calvino, in an interview on Antena 3.

Calvino has stated the differences between the payment of the rent and the mortgage payments. In the case of renting “you don’t have a bank on the other side”, but a citizen who may have rented their home and that, therefore, it would be affected by a moratorium on payment.

“You have to reflect. There are several measures that had been proposed, which may have a beneficial effect from one perspective but a negative one from another, “added the Minister of Economy.

Lazora already applies a moratorium on rent

There are already some large real estate companies that have gone ahead and They have decided to delay the payment of the monthly rent for the most vulnerable groups.

This is the case of Lazora, which has about 7,000 homes for rent According to its website, it has decided to postpone the payment of rents for the most vulnerable groups hit by the COVID-19 crisis, according to advance The Economist.

The company will follow the same parameters that the Government determined to apply the moratorium on mortgages. So, It will take into account both the conditions of the family nucleus and the impact that the coronavirus crisis has had on its economy.

The company it has a team of assistance and social mediation that “will analyze each situation individually in order to offer the alternatives that best suit each circumstance. For this, it has enabled a special communication channel available to all its tenants, “they explain from Lazora according to the same media.

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