The Government suspends the energy bill of the self-employed and exempts distributors from tolls

The Government suspends the energy bill of the self-employed and exempts distributors from tolls

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The Government intends to give relief to the self-employed and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in alarm. Its new royal decree law creates a suspension mechanism for the payment of electricity, natural gas and other petroleum products invoices by the contract holder to the electricity and gas marketer or, where appropriate, the distributor of manufactured gases and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) piped.

According to the draft to which you have had access Vozpopuli, the Executive has decided to carry out this measure to benefit companies that have less financing capacity than large ones. “It is appropriate to adopt measures aimed at reducing your energy costs, in order to alleviate the financial burden that companies will temporarily bear, “explains this regulation.

On the other hand, so that marketers or distributors do not assume undue treasury charges, the Government exempts them from facing the payment of tolls during the period of suspension of payment.

Additionally, to alleviate the financial burden of this measure on electricity and gas trading companies, on manufactured gas and piped LPG distributors, and on electricity distributors, all these companies are enabled to access the line of guarantees established royal decree of March 17, or any other line of guarantees that is enabled for this specific purpose.

The amount guaranteed will coincide with the amount in which the income has decreased of each agent as a consequence of this measure.

Suspend contracts

The royal decree law also allows the self-employed and companies temporarily suspend their supply contracts or modify their contract modalities without penalty; Likewise, they are allowed to change the access toll and adjust the contracted power up or down, at no cost.

Once the alarm state is over, they are allowed again a new modification without cost or penalty“, clarifies the draft to which this medium has had access.

A regulation that comes because, on the occasion of the declaration of the state of alarm, there has been a significant decline in economic activity This has motivated many natural gas supply point holders to contract a daily flow significantly higher than what they need in the current circumstances.


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