The Government will give 25 million euros to vulnerable families to pay for their children’s canteen even though the schools have closed due to the coronavirus

Your company cannot fire you for the economic losses caused by the coronavirus, at least for the moment

Protect vulnerable families, strengthen the social services of the autonomous communities, fight against child poverty and guarantee food during the coronavirus crisis. All for 25 million euros.

It is the amount that the Government plans to allocate to combat the Covid-19 infection, according to the president, Pedro Sanchez, at the press conference after the Council of Ministers held this Thursday. After the last measures that have put society and economy in check in equal parts, the Executive will also focus on adapt education regulations to make attendance more flexible and keep dining room checks (scholarships) “Even if the schools are closed.”

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These dining room aids refer to a series of grants that the Government gives to the most vulnerable to guarantee the feeding of the little ones during school hours. Now, with the teleworking measure in place, Sanchez will boost these grants so that families can exercise this right even if schools remain closed.

These actions, which will see the light via Royal Decree, are included within a broader package that will allocate a total of 2,800 million euros to the autonomous communities to face healthcare, already considered as pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).


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