The Huracan campus is concentrated in the hotel where the Italian tourist was staying

The Huracán campus is concentrated in the hotel where the Italian tourist was staying

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The campus of Huracan is concentrated in the Buenos Aires hotel where the Italian tourist was staying, which this afternoon was confirmed as the third case of coronavirus in Argentina.

It was minutes after 17 that it was confirmed that the woman, who had been removed from the place in a SAME operation, carried the virus.

From the club they indicated that the squad led by Israel Damonte will stay in those facilities until visiting Banfield tomorrow, from 18, for the last date of the Super League.


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“The woman did not show symptoms, they removed her as a precaution because she was in the same plane of an affected person,” said another consulted source.

The woman had been transferred in an ambulance of the SAME where she was staying and, according to the official, “will complete her 14 days of isolation in another place,” said the Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, Fernan Gonzalez Bernaldo de Quiros.

The transfer took place around noon in an operation that was in charge of medical assistance personnel dressed in white insulating suits, gloves and protective masks.

The Minister of Health of the city of Buenos Aires was consulted for this case at the press conference offered at the Casa Rosada after the interministerial meeting for the coronavirus and clarified that it is “a foreign citizen who had contact with the first case ( of coronavirus) “.

“We ask that you stay isolated at one address and accepted, and will complete your 14 days of isolation at another site,” he added.

The Buenos Aires official added that the woman is in good health and thanked the intervention of the Italian embassy.


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