“the ideal is to finish in May-June”, Rivere’s hypotheses for the end of Ligue 1


Invited this Friday of Rothen Regale on RMC Sport, Jean-Pierre Rivere spoke of the measures taken by his club in Nice after the restrictions due to the coronavirus. The Nice leader also mentioned the end of the Ligue 1 championship, around which uncertainty reigns.

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Coronavirus: “The ideal is to finish in May-June”, Rivere’s hypotheses for the end of Ligue 1

Nice has decided – for the moment – to maintain training for its professional team, after the measures taken by the government in an attempt to curb the coronavirus epidemic. “As far as we are concerned, we completely emptied the youth center, the employees are at home, explains Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivere on RMC in Rothen Regale on Friday. We have planned to meet again on Monday with the pros but in groups. “

A decision made even before Roxana Maracineanu’s announcement, who instructed to limit sports gatherings to ten people. “We had already planned to split the groups, in order to continue to service players, Monday, Wednesday, Friday for training, adds the manager. But the truth of today may not be the truth of tomorrow. We will evolve day by day. […] When you are with the staff, the docs, you have to respect a lot of things. And that can allow them outside to respect that. If you leave them for a week on vacation, they may do it differently. “

No option provided for by the regulations

Jean-Pierre Rivere also mentioned the uncertainties surrounding the end of the Ligue 1 championship, which has been suspended for the time being. While emphasizing the “secondary” nature of the question in terms of people’s health.

“If by chance we do not manage to finish the championship, we do not have a rule saying that it will happen like that, reminds the president of Nice on RMC. Some will say that we remain in places today others will say they don’t agree. Some will say take the past five years … you can imagine all the assumptions. What is certain is that I hope the football will show solidarity and that it will not go in all directions. ” Because no rule is registered in case of premature stop.

“For now, it’s too early, he insists. If after all this, the championship can resume, it will be ideal, continues the leader of Nice. […] We have to finish at the end of June because there are contract ends. We have this constraint. The ideal is to be able to play matches in May-June. But these are perspectives that no one can handle. ”


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