the importance of cleaning your mobile screen well

the importance of cleaning your mobile screen well

It is time to take care of the hygiene and cleanliness of our environment more than ever. If it is normally recommended to wash our hands and cleaning products that we use at all times such as mobile phones from time to time, now it is a necessity that can help curb the coronavirus.

Security measures to prevent contagion include reducing contact with other people as much as possible, as well as disinfecting offices, public transport, and even stores. Yes Hungary is ready to disinfect the moneyWhy don’t we go clean our smartphone?

Scientists have discovered that this virus, known as COVID-19, may survive on some surfaces for up to nine days, including the materials with which the mobiles are manufactured. Therefore, brands like apple They have been quick to remind us how we can clean their iPhone and mess it up.

Do you use it daily but don’t know how to clean the microwave? This everyday appliance gets dirty frequently. We explain the best tricks to clean the microwave.

What to use and what not to clean a mobile phone

  • Two soft, fiber-free cloths: It is important that the handkerchiefs do not release lint or fibers if we use them to clean. The chamois for glasses are usually very good for not scratching the screen.
  • Neither alcohol nor aggressive cleaning products: The oleophobic coatings on the screen and on some back covers are very sensitive and will fade if we use these products.
  • Toothpick: Thanks to its slim and pointed profile, it allows access to corners such as the SIM card tray or the speaker slot for deep cleaning.

Apple has recommended disinfecting wipes known as Clorox what they promise kill 99% of bacteria. However, they have a high alcohol level, up to 70%, although the brand assures that there would be no problem. Other brands like Samsung have not spoken or recommended products like these.

Some human coronaviruses, such as SARS, can last days on surfaces. But an expert says that the new coronavirus is more likely to last “from hours to a day or something.”

How to properly disinfect your phone

To start, make sure what is the level of water resistance of your smartphone. Only those who have a IP68 resistance, they could clean it with water, not directly from the tap, by hand using very little, the rest is not recommended that they run this risk. Before cleaning anything, totally turn off the smartphone Y remove any accessories such as battery cases, housings or supports.

Now that you are ready to clean it, choose a mild soap and use the least amount of soap and water you can. If you are not sure of the resistance level, moisten one of the soft cloths to a greater or lesser intensity, or one of the wipes recommended by Apple that do not require water, depending on the degree of water resistance of the smartphone and wring it out to remove excess water to proceed to clean the mobile with successive passes on both sides and around the edge.

Be very careful not to get water in through the USB port, speakers, headphone minijack or microphone. The mobiles seem very hermetic but they are not so much.

Be sure to especially affect the area of ​​the screen and the bottom of the mobile since these areas are the ones that are most exposed to your mouth and nose. Once you have removed all the dirt and soap from the mobile, meticulously dry all the corners of the smartphone with the second cloth making sure that, effectively, it does not leave lint in its path and that it can get caught in the connectors or grilles of the smartphone.

The toothpick can be used to more precisely clean narrower corners such as the SIM card slot that, up to this moment, it should not be extracted so that neither water nor humidity enters.

With these simple steps the phone would already be clean, remember to clean your hands before and after the procedure and try not to use it if you have not cleaned them or if you have touched something on the street so that you do not have to carry out this process very frequently, running the risk of ending up damaging the phone.


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