The letter from the President of Indra to his 20,000 employees in Spain about a massive ERTE

Indra starts an ERTE that will negotiate with the unions next week

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“We have asked the workers’ representation in Spain to create a negotiating commission for a temporary procedure for suspension of contracts and reduction of working hours together with other complementary measures to complete the needs for adjustment of productive capacity and consequent savings that we currently estimate to later maintain the capabilities of the company and mitigate as far as possible serious economic effects derived from this situation, “he says. Fernando Abril-Martorell, President of Indra, in a letter sent to his more than 20,000 employees in Spain to which you have had access Vozpopuli.

The president of the largest technology consultancy in our country has addressed his employees to notify them of the launch of a Temporary Employment Regulation File what, as this newspaper has reported, it will affect “practically all” of the company’s subsidiaries in our country.

Among the employees that would be affected are those “without assigned projects or with projects that are not a priority at the moment.”

“We began to experience drops in demand for our products and services in some areas, the impossibility of completing projects abroad due to the closure of borders, delays sine die in the ability to pass FAT (factory acceptance) and SAT (field acceptance) tests, which prevents us from certifying, charging, etc. “, explains Abril-Martorell.” Logically, our commercial activity has been drastically reduced. And additionally, some of our most loyal customers are asking us to make prices and / or payment deadlines more flexible to also help them deal with the situation. ”

“We are already making cost-saving decisions as far as possible. Some of them are automatic, as is the case with travel. And although we are also incurring extra costs due to the situation, such as more spending on telecommunications, PCs, or cleaning, the balance of these measures will be slightly positive, “says the president. “This situation will be temporary and, although there is uncertainty as to when the recovery will begin and at what rate it will take place, we are convinced that this recovery will come and, to be prepared for that moment, it is essential to maintain employment and the capacities that we have at Indra and that we have struggled to generate so much investment in order to continue to be oriented towards growth in the future … This can only be achieved if we share the effort among all “.

Indra sources have confirmed to Vozpopuli that the letter has been sent to all employees but, to questions about the scope of the ERTE, they have not commented.


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