the maximum price of hydroalcoholic gels from pharmacies increased

the maximum price of hydroalcoholic gels from pharmacies increased

The government is correcting the situation … Faced with soaring prices due to the coronavirus epidemic, the executive decided in early March to control the price of hydroalcoholic gels, whose sales soared in a few days. In the process, pharmacies were allowed to produce their own disinfectant liquid to alleviate the shortage. An authorization which was accompanied by a price limit fixed by decree.

But considered too low, the maximum selling price did not encourage pharmacies to make them themselves. It has been revised upwards to push pharmacists to produce more, according to a decree from the Ministry of the Economy published in the Official Journal on Sunday.

The maximum selling prices “are subject to a correction coefficient when the products are prepared under the conditions set by the decree of March 6, 2020”, can we read in the decree. “This correction coefficient is fixed: 1.5 for containers of 300 ml or less and 1.3 for containers of more than 300 ml”.


The limitation of the selling price of preparations sold in bulk has also been revised upwards, with a correction coefficient of 1.2 (+ 20%) for bottles of 300 ml or less, and 1.1 (+ 10% ) for containers larger than 300 ml.

Although this decision was not justified in the decree, this increase in prices is explained by “the fact that these are handcrafted products, their price may not be of the same level as that of industrial gels mass produced “, as indicated by ‘BFMTV’.

Price abuses that continue despite the supervision

Despite the price caps in early March, the prices of hydroalcoholic gels continue to soar. While the liter can not be invoiced more than 15 euros, the site of the manufacturer and distributor sells its 500 ml bottle at 11.90 euros, or 23.80 euros per liter, as we saw last Saturday ‘ The Parisian’. On eBay, a 100 ml bottle even sells for 8 euros, or 80 euros per liter.

“Faced with the risk of shortage observed in France”, the luxury group LVMH has also announced that it will manufacture “in large quantities” of hydroalcoholic gel. It will be produced in factories usually dedicated to the development of perfumes and cosmetics and then given to hospitals.


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