the miraculous change of Donald Trump

the miraculous change of Donald Trump

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Gives himself a good mark in fighting the coronavirus pandemic: US President Donald Trump is becoming a crisis manager these days

Donald Trump looks like a substitute. At first, the US President was not really serious about the corona virus, but he now acts as a troublemaker and crisis manager. Even his way of speaking is different – he no longer sounds like Trump.

It is a strange change that is apparently taking place in the White House. Donald Trumps Voice is suddenly more serious, also a little more sensitive, less Trump.

The words of the US President are also different now. He speaks in connection with that Corona virus no longer from the “hoax”, from the “duck” of the media and Democrats, but from a dangerous pandemic. The point now is to save lives. As many lives as possible.

Trump presents one economic aid program after another, for which there is applause from some Democrats. He is finally adopting a reasonably serious stance that even the Washington Post praises his favorite enemy.

For a brief moment, you might think that there is another man at the press conference in the White House, not so agitating, so hostile, so brutal. One who has learned from his numerous mistakes in this corona crisis.

One who understands: If you like this crisis mastered, you can forget your re-election in November.

One who has heard the warnings of the advisors, including those of his son-in-law Jared Kushner: Your presidency is no longer measured by the share price or by unemployment figures, but solely on the basis of how they survive United States Covid-19?

Will the United States become a second Italy or a second South Korea?

And it is not only measured by crisis management itself, but also by sympathy, compassion and character.

Donald Trump is suddenly the Corona President

He is now the Corona president.

Because the likely opponent, Joe Biden, is a sensitive man, a comforter of the nation. And one who is familiar with crisis management, the Ebola crisis, the financial crisis, the great recession.

A man made for crises.

Trump even seems to be praising the media these days, his real favorite enemies. The country would just come together, he says. “I think a lot of the media has been very fair.”

Yes, he even shows a certain self-understanding: “The only thing we didn’t get is good press. We do a great job, but that doesn’t get recognition. The press doesn’t like to write about it. As far as our relationship with the press is concerned we did a bad job. Maybe we should blame ourselves. We blame ourselves. “

A transformed president, a transformed man

In these few minutes there is an apparently transformed old man, 73 years old, overweight, one who fits in the risk group for the coronavirus.

It’s the day the 100th American dies of Covid-19. The day cases are identified in all 50 states, more than 6000 cases in total.

But then comes the reporter’s next question, a normal question: why does he attack the Democrats day after day when he calls for national unity?

Trump sees the question not as a question, but as an attack – as always.

And so he strikes again. He only defends himself against attacks on himself. He fought back because the whole press was against him, because the Democrats had the media behind him. “I don’t. I only have myself.”

He is the victim again.

… and then we see the “normal” Donald Trump

He is suddenly the normal Trump again. Those who are nice to him receive exuberant praise. Whoever criticizes him is the enemy.

Trump cannot avoid criticizing the Chinese, who have spread the rumor that the US military has launched the virus.

He must also criticize his predecessors, President Obama and Vice President Biden. Her swine flu performance was terrible.

He has to insult the “New York Times” again, which supposedly spreads false reports.

And he has to lie again. “I felt that it was a pandemic when nobody called it a pandemic,” he says, although he had known that the virus had been called a “hoax” that would go away quickly. “miraculously”, “already in April”.

He is back in his element.

He is asked what grade he would give himself on a scale of 1 to 10.

A reasonable question given so many contradicting statements, of his weeks of trivializing the danger, of a poor grasp of the spread, of a long list of misconduct.

You don’t have to wait long for a judgment with him: “A 10,” he says.

But the public also begins to make a judgment. 37 percent trust Trump in the crisis, according to a survey by National Public Radio. 60 percent do not trust the US President in the crisis.

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