The new app of the Community of Madrid is ready to self-diagnose the coronavirus

The new app of the Community of Madrid is ready to self-diagnose the coronavirus

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The Madrid’s community has launched the app this Monday Coronamadrid. The objective is to “continue decongesting” the line 900 102 112 that has been launched to diagnose those affected by coronavirus.

This has been advanced by the regional president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who has explained that this is already Available on the App Store and Google Play for download. The mobile application adds to the page, released four days ago now, already visited by more than two million Internet users and which has carried out 200,000 coronavirus self-evaluations.

This application has been launched by the Autonomous Executive together with those responsible for Leading technology companies, programmers, mobile application experts and health specialists.

The entry into operation of both online tools aims to benefit the largest number of people in Madrid through technology. Website and app allow their users geolocation, provided they activate this functionality, in order to better organize health resources to achieve a more agile and effective response in each particular case.

The Community of Madrid plans to start an information campaign tomorrow through the media, and other advertising media, to give maximum dissemination to the web and the new app.

For this reason, it also requests with this same objective the collaboration of the media themselves, companies, institutions and groups, and citizens through their social networks, to support the dissemination of these new online initiatives already in service.

The collaboration of the Community of Madrid, through the General Directorate of Information Systems and Sanitary Equipment and the General Directorate of the Integrated Health Process, together with the technology sector in Spain, have enabled this project to be shortened .

Three technology companies have led it: Carto, ForceManager and Mendesaltaren, who have put their teams and capacities at the service of the Community of Madrid to develop it. The initiative also has the support and collaboration of the corporations Telefonica, Goggo Network, Google and Ferrovial.

Parallel to these online aids, the people of Madrid continue to have at their disposal 24 hours a day the telephone number for consultation and information on coronaviruses: 900 102 112. For both services, the Community of Madrid calls for responsible use.


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