The pop stars used to do these jobs earlier

The pop stars used to do these jobs earlier

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Andrea Berg, Kerstin Ott, Michael Wendler, Roland Kaiser and Co. have not always been in the hit business. The video shows which professions the pop stars actually learned and even carried out.

Medical assistant, hairdresser, painter and painter or media designer: The hit stars did not put everything on one card right from the start and also learned “decent professions” in the event that the great stage career would not have worked.

Not always the hit queen: Andrea Berg was a medical assistant

In the end, it worked and so it is hardly known anymore which works Peter Maffay and Co. did in the past. Or would you have known that Andrea Berg was trained as a medical assistant? And have you always asked what training Michael Wendler completed?

In our video you can find out which professions her colleagues like Beatrice Egli, Helene Fischer, Vanessa Mai and Co. practiced before the music.