The popular AnTuTu app mysteriously disappears from the Google Play Store

The popular AnTuTu app mysteriously disappears from the Google Play Store

The popular application about AnTuTu benchmark has disappeared from the Google Play Store Without prior notice and without apparent explanation, one of the programs used to measure the performance of a mobile device or tablet.

Specifically, this disappearance not only affects the general application, but also all the AnTuTu-dependent applications that performed different performance tests and which, it seems, could have a certain relationship. with the fight that Google is maintaining against all the applications that the Chinese company Cheetah Mobile has launched.

In case you don’t know him, AnTuTu is one of the most popular benchmarking applications for Android phones and tablets, which offers both the owner and professionals, a simple way to measure the performance of a device under different parameters and configurations.

At the end of last February, Google started removing all Cheetah Mobile applications, one of the most experienced developers in the Android operating system. This is a company based in Beijing that has been accused in recent times for unreliable practices with its applications, and would explain that AnTuTu, it seems that in relation to this company, has disappeared.

Specifically, the three affected applications are Antutu 3DBench, Antutu Benchmark and AItutu Benchmark that are no longer listed or even listed in the store, and that have not been updated since the beginning of February. On the Antutu website there is no longer a reference to downloading your applications in the Play Store, but through APK.

This move by Google is a blow to these popular applications that can no longer be downloaded through the official store, and where the user will only have the possibility to install them through an APK that can have a series of associated risks.

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