The price of medical masks grows more than 700% and the online sales of fake ones increase

The price of medical masks grows more than 700% and the online sales of fake ones increase

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The price of medical masks hasexperienced an increase of more than 700% as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic and the number of e-commerce “Fraudulent” offering fake face masks. Furthermore, hydroalcoholic gels have also started to “proliferate” after the outbreak.

This is revealed by a study by the Idealo price comparator that also indicates a “huge increase” in the request for these items to prevent the coronavirus and warns that, once the purchase has been made, “Many consumers” they realize that these products “do not have the minimum quality to avoid contagion”.

To avoid these “scams” during a buy ‘online’ and confirm It is done on a site “with guarantees” from this price comparator recommended to users to ensure that the page is “safe” as well as to inquire about the opinion of other customers to learn about their experience in that ‘online’ store.

He also urged to confirm that the marked price has VAT included since if it is “considerably low”, according to the comparator, “it is possible” that they do not include the legal percentages in their price and the quantity to be delivered “is greater than we assumed In the first moment”.

Finally, he invited to trust only ecommerce with various forms of payment available, which is “indicative” that the online store “is trusted by banks or others Secure online payment platforms ” and recalled the importance of confirming aspects such as compliance with current regulations on returns, established legal conditions or contact information on the web.

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Sun. Heat. Summer. Clear skies.

Following these recommendations will allow, according to the director of Idealo Adrian Amorin, “Have a satisfying experience”. “Knowing our rights as consumers is essential to take measures before establishments that do not fulfill their commercial duties,” he added.


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