The Prosecutor General’s Office opposes releasing Barcenas due to the coronavirus alarm

The Prosecutor General's Office opposes releasing Bárcenas due to the coronavirus alarm

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Luis Barcenas

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office has opposed releasing PP former lawyer Luis Barcenas, who asked to be released while the coronavirus alarm lasts, to the court of the National Court that sentenced to 33 years in prison for Gurtel, alleging that in this situation it would be impossible for him to flee.

As legal sources have informed Efe, the prosecution has already issued its report against the request of Barcenas, which must now be resolved by the court that sentenced him, the second section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court.

As he did with the request for the release of former Commissioner Jose Villarejo, who is in preventive detention for the Tandem caseAnticorruption considers that the alarm for the Covid-19 pandemic is not a reason to agree to the release.

In addition to the impossibility of fleeing from Spain, Barcenas’ defense, as Villarejos also did, argued that age and health problems -the ex-treasurer alleged hypertension and allergy episodes- made him more vulnerable to contagion and assured that this possibility was increased by the conditions of life in prison.

Barcenas he is in the Soto del Rea prison in Madridl since May 2018, serving the sentence imposed on him by the National Court after being tried by Gurtel Época I (1999-2005), a sentence that is not yet final due to the pending resolution of the appeals in the Supreme Court.

Coronavirus in nursing homes

Coronavirus in nursing homes

To claim his release, the defense of the PP ex-treasurer maintained that the exceptional alarm status situation He has eliminated the risk of escape on which the court based to agree to his provisional prison pending the decision of the Supreme Court. Thus, he proposed alternative measures to prison, such as a telematic bracelet or the obligation to stay at home.

X-ray of the Covid-19 by age.

X-ray of the Covid-19 by age.

To prevent the spread of the virus, Penitentiary Institutions have established restrictions on visits and access to prisons and has suspended the “vis a vis” and communications that are not in the parlor.

Since his provisional imprisonment, Barcenas has repeatedly asked to be released, the last one in December, when he asked to be released with a telematic bracelet or at least to be allowed to spend with his family on Christmas days.

The National Court rejected this request given “the important economic heritage “that has” hidden “ abroad and that would facilitate his escape from Justice.

In addition to this case, Barcenas has yet to be tried by the alleged black payment for the works of the reform from the national headquarters of the PP in Genoa street with money from the party’s box B, a trial that has been recently appointed for February 18, 2021 after the instruction was closed in 2015.


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