The RFEF studies delaying the presidential elections

The RFEF studies delaying the presidential elections

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Luis Rubiales will not be able to call elections

The adoption of the state of alert by the President of the Government it has an immediate effect on the Spanish Football Federation. Last Sunday we already said that the CSD could delay the convocation of the same, more when there is no date scheduled at the moment for the convocation of the Board of Directors that approves the regulations and electoral calendar approved by the Delegate Commission on Tuesday March 10 . Essential procedure without which the electoral process cannot start.

Already on Sunday we told the SPORT newspaper that right now the priority from the CSD it was to organize all the Spanish sport under these restrictions of the coronavirus, starting with all the work that must be attended to in this new situation.

Last Thursday, on the occasion of the Luis Rubiales press conference where it was announced that the League would stop for two days, the president of the RFEF announced that this scenario did not affect the electoral process in any way. But last night the Secretary of State for sport, Irene Lozano, let it be known in the Stringer that this point of view has changed and that the federal president is planning to delay these elections.

Because the lack of date of the meeting by the Board of Directors, which could be done electronically, in addition to the convening of the Board of Directors scheduled for next March 25, where the electoral process should begin.

This Board, considering the circulation limit that has entered in force this Monday throughout the Spanish state for the next 15 days, it faces two scenarios. One to do it face-to-face, certified by the RFEF to all the members of the federative body currently made up of forty members, of whom two are President Luis Rubiales himself and the Secretary General, Andreu Camps. An almost impractical scenario considering that they should move from all points of Spain to the Ciudad de Futbol de las Rozas. Once there, the 40 members, including Futbol Club Barcelona and Real Madrid, would have to keep the safety distance at the meeting in a large enough room.

And the second, and more likely always when by then it can be summoned, is to do it electronically. A tool that the Statutes contemplate for situations of special emergency, such as the state of alarm in which the country is mired. This exception has been in force since November 2018 when the Board of Directors approved it at the proposal of the RFEF itself after what happened in the summer of 2017 when Luis Rubiales had to dismiss Julen Lopetegui and appoint Fernando Hierro in Russia a few days after his debut. World Cup in Spain. A decision that could have been contested as it had not been adopted by the Board as stated in Article 35 of the aforementioned Statutes where it includes, among the powers of this body, that of “Appointing, at the proposal of the President, the National Coaches, as well like the technical team. ”

Via telematics that the Spanish Federation It has already been used twice since its entry into force. The first time was when it was agreed to descend to Reus and the second, more recent, on the occasion of the approval of the return of Luis Enrique to the bench of the absolute team after the dismissal of Robert Moreno.

It seems clear that only by calling telematically to the 38 members of the Board could the RFEF go ahead This electoral start so that it could initially adjust to the calendar already announced by the SPORT newspaper. Because the approval of the Board is an indispensable requirement for the electoral procedure as established by the Order that regulates the electoral processes in the Spanish sports federations. Although once the words of the Secretary of State are known, it seems to indicate that they will end up being delayed, as other larger electoral processes have done, such as the regional elections in Euskadi and Galicia.

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