The umbrella can be stored for a few days

The umbrella can be stored for a few days

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The weather will be dry but rather cloudy and windy on Sunday, with highs of 9 to 14 degrees. On Monday it will still be generally dry but with a lot of clouds and similar temperatures. The Royal Meteorological Institute predicts the return of the sun on Tuesday. It will then be a little sweeter before a clear refreshment at the end of the week.

On Sunday it will be dry but mostly cloudy. The thinnings may be more present at the end of the day in the south-east. It will be quite mild with maximums of 9 degrees in Hautes Fagnes to 13 or 14 degrees in Lower and Middle Belgium. The wind will be moderate or locally sometimes quite strong from south to southwest with peaks of 50 to 60 km / h.

Sunday evening, the thunderstorms will widen in the south-east. At the same time, the risk of light rain will increase in the west. The night of Sunday to Monday, the sky will be clear throughout the southeastern half. Elsewhere, the clouds will be more and more present but the weather will remain dry except for light precipitation. The minima will vary between 2 degrees in Hautes Fagnes and 7 degrees at the coast. The wind will be light, and moderate on the coast.

On Monday, a slight disturbance will mainly cause cloudy fields in our regions, with the weather expected to remain dry in many places. However, a shower will not be excluded, mainly on the Ardennes relief.

In the evening, the cloudiness will widen from the north-west. The maximums will oscillate between 11 degrees in Hautes Fagnes to 14 degrees in the center.

Tuesday will be sunny and dry. The maximum will be between 11 degrees in the high Ardennes and up to 14 degrees locally in the plain.