The United States becomes the first country in number of infected by Covid-19

The United States becomes the first country in number of infected by Covid-19

Archive image of several New York toilets. (EFE)

The United States passed this Thursday to lead the number of those infected by COVID-19, displacing China and Italy, which are in second and third place, respectively, according to private data. Johns Hopkins University indicated that the figure amounts to 82,404 cases currently in the North American country, while the newspaper The New York Times calculated that there are 81,321 infected. Statistics from the government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate, however, that there are 68,440 coronavirus cases and 994 deaths.

Asked at the daily press conference of the White House task force against coronavirus about the fact that the country has the highest number of coronavirus infected worldwide, the American president, Donald Trump was skeptical. “You do not know what the numbers are in China,” stressed the president. Meanwhile, the US, with some 326 million inhabitants, remains in third place in terms of death statistics.

Johns Hopkins University has documented 1,178 deaths in the U.S. behind the 8,215 in Italy and 3,291 in China. The main focus of the disease is concentrated in New York City, with 281 deaths. Other areas with a high death rate from the virus are Washington State, with 100 deaths, and New Jersey, a state neighboring New York, with 63 deaths. The Washington Post newspaper noted that the Big Apple, which with 8.3 million inhabitants is the most populous city in the United States, recorded 88 deaths on Wednesday.

The New York Times raises, for its part, that figure to 100 fatalities occurred between Wednesday and this Thursday morning. According to the Post, there have been deaths from COVID-19 in 42 states of the country, with around 65% corresponding to people over 70 years of age. Testimonies from doctors and other employees collected by local media showed Thursday that New York City hospitals are beginning to show signs of overflow, with significant equipment shortages and amid a barrage of patients in recent days.

Despite the increase in cases, Trump has insisted several times this week that he would like to return to normal soon in fear of the economic repercussions of the coronavirus crisis and has set the next April 12, Easter Sunday, as the date to “open the country”.

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