“There may be a crime of injury”


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Pedro Sanchez in the Congreo and the judicial order

The management of the coronavirus from Moncloa is already in court. A complaint from an anonymous citizen has opened the Pandoras box, of uncertain journey for Pedro Sanchez, with a first legal problem that the president is getting rid of, at the moment, due to his status as a graduate.

But not from the start political management in these days of deaths, the sick, saturated hospitals and a massive confinement of millions of Spaniards in their homes. The court order, which has been accessed ESdiario, comes to recommend to the complainant that he appear before the Court Supreme to file direct actions against Sanchez, reminding him that his court has no jurisdiction with the chief executive.

But expressly refuses to file without further cause and even anticipates crimes that would have been committed allowing concentrations of 8M with the coronavirus. Specifically, without dismissing the accusation of prevarication administrative present in the complaint, the magistrate explains in her order that “the legal qualification may be this or it may be in competition with others, such as, for example, the injury crime for professional recklessness, ex Article 152. CP, serious or less serious (in which case it would require reporting the injured party as a condition of prosecution), although, a priori, without prejudice to the forensic expert opinion being collected on this matter, the causal relationship it certainly seems difficult to prove from a technical perspective. ”

That is, the judge appreciates reasons for do not drop the complaint to the wastebasket, it adds possible criminal responsibilities to which the citizen himself records and, yes, he considers it very difficult to prove the cause and effect relationship between the call of the gears and the number of infections it could have caused.

The jurist, Carmen Rodriguez Medel, she is very little suspected of acting with a political impulse and, on the contrary, she is known for her rigor whoever the “victim” is: with a long history, she was for example the person in charge of “Cifuentes Case”, that gift in the form of a master’s degree that cost the post to the then president of the Community of Madrid.

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The complaint, focused now for not being assessed by the Government delegate in the Community of Madrid and strong man of Madrid socialism, Jose Manuel FrancoYou have deep political repercussions beyond those that are strictly legal.

“It may be the first of many“, acknowledge political sources to ESdiario, aware that both the PP and Vox They have not stopped observing the legal consequences that the government’s management could have in this pandemic, although they recognize that it is now too soon to open that front.

In fact, the same lawyer who has presented this complaint has already filed another against Pedro Sanchez himself before the Supreme court, as suggested by Judge Rodriguez Medel in her car, Javier Ruiz de Vergara reports for ESdiario.

Meanwhile, the judge has already adopted decisions very striking, among others order the expert to make a study on the crucial matter: “That the Forensic Doctor attached to this judicial body issue a report on whether the demonstrations that took place in Madrid between March 5 and 14, 2020 were susceptible to cause obvious risk for the life and physical integrity of people. ”

The truth is that, despite the Government’s efforts to place 9M at the beginning of the epidemic, the facts show that the 8M was already very aware of the seriousness of the health alert, as this Thursday “confessed” almost unintentionally the Minister of Health himself, Salvador Illa, by literally saying the following:

“We estimate that towards the last week of February The important contagion occurred in some parts of Spain and specifically in Madrid. “It is not the only documented fact that shows that Sanchez was fully aware of the dimension of the alert and that allowed, in that weekend, countless events with massive presence of citizens and not only feminist marches.

They knew it since February

On January 23, the WHO issued a statement to all countries alerting, almost dramatically, of the transfer of COVID-19 to Europe, with Italy already in full emergency. And just a week later, Health dismissed the visit of a WTO Public Health expert who cataloged the virus as “type 4”, from extreme gravity, despite which it was processed with two less degrees of relevance. The Minister of Science himself, Pedro Duque, publicly acknowledged that since February 2 they were aware of the ongoing emergency.


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