THESE 4 emojis hate men texting with women

THESE 4 emojis hate men texting with women

Not all emojis are well received by men

Ladies, when chatting you should delete some emojis from your favorites. These emojis scare away every man … Emojis are always a sensitive topic. Some love them, others hate them. And especially when chatting with men, women are often unsettled by the Choice of emojis. But this study could now provide orientation: The dating app “Clover” evaluated and looked at the data from three million users, to which emojis men write back particularly often – and which did not go down well. These are the results …

This is how men react to emojis

Men like to reply to these emojis:

  • the face that smiles so smugly / sly 😏
  • the face with tongue out and winking eye Auge
  • the smiling face with tears of joy πŸ˜‚
  • the relieved face with closed eyes and a gentle expression 😌
  • the sign for “all right” πŸ‘Œ
  • the big pink heart with the little pink heart πŸ’•
  • the upturned face that smiles πŸ™ƒ
  • the moaning face with an open mouth, sloping corners of the mouth and raised eyebrows 😩
  • face with tongue out and eyes narrowed 😝
  • the monkey with hidden eyes πŸ™ˆ
  • the red kiss mouth πŸ’‹
  • the smiling face with heart eyes 😍

Men hardly answer these emojis:

  • the Vulcan greeting πŸ––
  • the ring πŸ’
  • the sad face with a tear rolling down her cheek 😒
  • the laughing droppings πŸ’©

By the way, they came for women aubergine, the wink smiley, the fist bump emoji and the biceps don’t look good. They preferred the devil face, the grinning face and the monkey emojis. Even though the men interviewed preferred to send the kiss emoji and the rose. 🌹

Not so easy to find the right emoji when texting. But if necessary you can still open up Voice messages be resorted to. However, this is a completely different topic …

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