They became parents of twins

They became parents of twins

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Anne and Anders Holch Povlsen

Danish fashion billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen and his wife Anne had to deal with a major blow in 2019: they lost three of their four children to the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka. Now there is double reason for joy.

For Anne, 41, and Anders Holch Povlsen, 47, the year 2019 was marked by an incredible tragedy. On Easter Sunday (April 21, 2019) three of their four children were killed in the attacks Sri Lanka about life. The family of six spent the Easter holiday there, but in the end only three of the six family members traveled back to Denmark – an absolute nightmare. Alma († 15), Agnes († 12) and Alfred († 5) died in the attack.

Anne + Anders Holch Povlsen: Baby happiness after tragedy

Now Anne and Andres Holch Povlsen have two reasons to be happy. The fashion billionaire (“Only”, “Vero Moda”) and his wife have become parents of twin girls. Povlsen’s private secretary announced: “On Wednesday, March 11th, Anne and Anders Holch Povlsen became parents of two healthy girls after a good pregnancy and uncomplicated birth.”

What wonderful news to give the couple from the bottom of their hearts. The statement also said: “The family wholeheartedly welcomes these two little miracles. They are excited to meet the girls and to welcome them as a life-affirming part of their family.”

Who is Anders Holch Povlsen?

Andres Holch Povlsen is the richest Dane: At the age of 28, Anders Holch Povlsen became the sole owner of the international clothing retail chain “Bestseller”, which was founded in 1975 by his parents. The chain includes brands such as “Jack & Jones”, “Vero Moda” and “Only”. He also owns 10% of the German online clothing giant “Zalando” and 27% of the largest British online fashion retailer “ASOS”. Anders Holch Povlsens Assets are estimated at almost eight billion euros. In 2018 he was currently the richest Dane.

The Povlsen family lives in a manor house in Aarhus, Denmark – which is now two girls richer. We say: congratulations!

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