They closed the Chancellery because it was confirmed that an official has coronavirus

They closed the Chancellery because it was confirmed that an official has coronavirus

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Foreign Minister Felipe Sola (ADRIANO MACHADO /)

The Argentine Foreign Ministry was closed today after it was known that a high-ranking official contracted coronavirus. The Ministry authorities asked the employees not to go to the San Martin Palace and to work from their homes.

The Chief of Staff of the Secretary for International Economic Relations, Juan Corteletti, He presented symptoms of discomfort a few days ago and after having a test it was found that he is infected, so the chancellor Felipe Sola He recommended that employees work remotely and respect mandatory isolation.

“Dear everyone, Given the spread of the disease caused by COVID-19 and which has affected our colleague Juan Corteletti, who is in the process of recovery, and bearing in mind that a colleague also has some symptoms that make us suspect that may also be affected, you receive the indication of strict isolation for the next 12 days, according to what the Director of Health of the Ministry, Dr. Gustavo Pinero has pointed out to me ”, expressed an internal statement from the Foreign Ministry.

In this message, employees were asked to make this indication known to National Directors and Directors. The measure reaches the entire Foreign Ministry, although in recent days only high-ranking officials attended.

The directive of the Chancellery now is that the WhatsApp groups of each area are created “with the aim that the information circulates smoothly. By doing things well, with order and discipline, we are going to overcome the crisis caused by this pandemic among all ”, maintains an internal communique from the Ministry of Economic Relations.

At the same time, all the employees who had contact with Cortelettiu were called to make a mandatory quarantine and stay at home and not even go out and buy food.

After President Alberto Fernandez announced that at the moment all operations will be stopped to repatriate some 10,000 Argentines who are abroad due to the pandemic crisis, he ordered to dismantle much of the call center that there was to serve Argentines abroad.

In this sense, it was learned that several volunteers and employees who were in charge of the call center They decided to leave their posts at the Palacio San Martin as a preventive measure.

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