they found the body of Fatima Florencia Acevedo

they found the body of Fatima Florencia Acevedo

In the WhatsApp audios that he sent to his friend Florencia Lopez (25) on November 15, 2019, Fatima Acevedo (25) left no room for doubt. ″I am already rotten to denounce him in the police and that nobody does anything, neither the police nor the court nor anyone “, listening.

It was not the first time that the 25-year-old girl denounced her former partner, Jorge Nicolas Martinez (35). The last time was on February 11 in the Family Court No. 1 of Parana, when he said that the man was hanging around the area of ​​the House of Women of the Municipality of Parana, where she had been living since January 31, after he intercepted her in the street, threatened to sharpen a knife and tried to throw muriatic acid on her face.

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The chats that Fatima Florencia Acevedo sent to her friend Florencia Lopez (Photo / Screenshot).

The chats that Fatima Florencia Acevedo sent to her friend Florencia López (Photo / Screenshot).

© Provided by Infobae
The chats that Fatima Florencia Acevedo sent to her friend Florencia Lopez (Photo / Screenshot).


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Although the Justice dictated Martinez approach restriction measures, they were just notified on February 6. In the interim, on March 1 Acevedo went to take his son Isaiah to an aunt’s house and -as your friend Florencia Lopez tells this media- never returned to the shelter.

Finally, after a week of intense search, today at 10.45 am, the Information and Communication Service of the Superior Court of Justice of Entre Rios confirmed that during the raking tasks they found the body of the young woman.


Fatima Acevedo and Jorge Nicolas met in 2014. The mistreatment by him towards her was common currency. “With me he showed himself as a kind guy, who accepted the friendship I had with Fatima. To her, on the other hand, I was telling him that I was anybody and that he was sure to have males. She came home often to seek containment or to unload and, more than once, she had to eat food in her throat because he called her and said: ‘Surely you are with another man’. I always told him to stay away from him, ”complains Florencia Lopez, friend and former schoolmate of Fatima.

Fatima and Florence attended high school together at the School of Technical Education No. 21 General Don Jose de San Martin Technical Road of Parana. “We always joked that we were both Gemini: I at the end of May and she on June 12. Fatima was nice, a good person and had adoration for her son, ”her friend tells Infobae.

According to the young woman, the last time they saw each other was on February 21 in the port area, during the long Carnival weekend. “We had plans: she wanted to get a tattoo. We are very bad. We were hoping to find her alive, ”He told a local newscast.

In Argentina, until the last day of February this year, different gender violence observatories accounted for at least 63 femicides: 70% of them in the hands of their partners or ex-partners and a balance of at least 88 children without a mother as a result of These crimes So far in March 6 femicides were counted in eight days, that is, a woman is killed every 12 hours.

In the middle of a complaint from friends and family, from the Justice of Entre Rios they gave a press conference in Courts of Parana. Cecilia Goyeneche, attorney of the province and Leandro Dato, Prosecutor of the case They said that Fatima had received a panic button on February 17. Then he said that, after his disappearance, they raided Martinez’s home and that, thanks to the research work on his cell phone, they decided to stop him. “We are going to ask for pretrial detention,” said the prosecutor.

Asked about the reasons why Fatima left without company of the House of Women of the Municipality of ParanaDato did not provide an accurate answer and said “that is part of the protocol and the organization of the place.”

Regarding the place where they found the body of Fatima, the authorities indicated that “eIt was in a well 18 meters deep” The autopsy will be done tomorrow first thing.


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