this certificate which you must download to justify an exit

this certificate which you must download to justify an exit

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Coronavirus: this certificate that you must download to justify an exit

From Tuesday March 17, 2020, noon, the French will have to bring a certificate if they want to leave their home. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a fine.

From Tuesday March 17, 2020, noon, and for at least 15 days, Emmanuel Macron asked the French stay confined to their homes to limit the spread of the coronavirus. A few hours after his new speech, the government has put in place “the derogatory certificate of displacement which allows citizens who have no other choice to leave their homes to be able to do so. For example, journeys to go shopping for food or to get to work will be authorized. On this certificate, thatit is possible to download from the website of the Ministry of the Interior, the French will tick one of five possibilities, which broadly summarize the situations where movement is authorized. You will then have to print and complete it by dating and signing it. If it is not possible to print it, it is also possible to write it on a free paper. The government should also launch an online version to present it directly on their mobile phone.

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On this point, Christophe Castaner was very firm. Even to take out their pet, citizens must have this certificate. In case of control by the police, any offender will be subject to a fine of 38 euros which may be reassessed to 135 euros, said the Interior Ministry again. To enforce this confinement, 100,000 police and gendarmes will be mobilized. They will carry out checks on fixed and mobile points, on the main and secondary axes. The instructions are clear: “Stay home. ”

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